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Unregistered 05:59 PM 10-13-2013
I have been trying to get medical coverage and I have had healthy way LA and was able to be seen for ear infections etc. but they said for emergencies I have to go to a county hospital or ER. (the usual wait is like 10 hours to be seen) can't do that while working
well, I have had a pain in my neck and shoulder for a week and now I have pain radiating down my arm and I am trying to switch to just straight medi-cal but I can't find the link online for the application
it keeps sending me to "covered california" and then that website says it's down until Oct. 15th
if I get straight medi-cal, I can go to any ER and this pain is getting worse and I can't even think anymore.

Does anyone have the link to the easy ap page?
Michael 07:38 PM 10-13-2013
Have you tried calling them:

Computer Media Claims (CMC) Submission
  1. Why can't I log-in on the Internet to send my claims electronically to Medi-Cal? A. The log-in ID is "CMCSUBxxx". The "xxx" is the 3-digit Computer Media Claims (CMC) submitter number that should be inserted. The password is the case sensitive password created with the CMC Help Desk. Verify password. Providers who cannot log in should call the CMC Help Desk at (916) 636-1100.
  2. When I access the Web site to check the status of my transmission, I get the message "Information about the volser is not available." What does this mean? A. Volser information is generally available 24 hours after the time of transmission and is available for 30 days from the current date. It could be possible that the batch was not processed due to submission errors. Providers who cannot locate the volser detail 24 hours after transmission should call the CMC Help Desk at (916) 636-1100.
  3. How do I sign up to send my claims on the Medi-Cal Web site? A. Providers already submitting claims via Computer Media Claims (CMC) should click on the "CMC" link on the Medi-Cal Web site and follow the directions on logging in. Providers not currently submitting claims via CMC must get a CMC submitter number and software to format claims to meet Medi-Cal specifications.
    • To receive a submitter number, complete the Medi-Cal Telecommunications Provider and Biller Application/Agreement form, which is available on the Medi-Cal Web site in the Medical Services provider manual. Search for "Medi-Cal Telecommunications Provider and Biller Application/Agreement."
    • Providers must have software to format claims. The Medi-Cal CMC Billing and Technical Manual is available on the Medi-Cal Web site in "Technical Publications." The CMC Developers, Vendors and Billing Services Directory is also available.
  4. How long does it take to process an application? A. The Computer Media Claims (CMC) Help Desk has 10 days from the date of receipt to process the applications. Provider information on the application must match the provider information on Department of Health Care Services Provider Master File. Submitter information (if applicable) on the application must match the submitter information on Department of Health Care Services Submitter Master File. The application needs original signature(s) on page 4. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be returned to the provider/submitter for correction. For form completion assistance, call the CMC Help Desk at (916) 636-1100.
  5. What are the steps to becoming a Computer Media Claims (CMC) Submitter?
    1. Complete an application form to get a submitter number
    2. Set up a password to access the Medi-Cal TelePoint System and Internet link
    3. Send in a test transmission to verify compatibility
    4. Provider/submitter number activated by DHCS upon successful test transmission

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