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Abigail 09:19 PM 12-27-2014
This is what I have for my section of my contract for paid provider days.....

Provider Vacation & Personal Days
The provider will take eight paid days each calendar year at the regular rate when the child care program must close. Provider will give the client prior notice of vacation time so the client can locate back-up care. Vacation or personal days may be used consecutively or individually and may be used for any personal or family needs, including but not limited to personal or family sick leave, funeral leave, or professional development. The client will not be charged if the child care program closes for additional days. The provider will not be available for child care services while on maternity leave; there will be no fee to clients during that time.

I'll be having our second child in July and since that is only part way through the year I might have many of my eight paid days remaining for the days I close for maternity leave. Should I erase the last part of the last sentence so if I choose to be closed for a week once my baby is born that it can be paid or should I still choose to close unpaid during that time because it's not 100% sure on the exact days I'll be closed until it happens?

Please share your thoughts! I closed for a Friday, Monday, and Tuesday all unpaid for my first child two years ago. I told all the parents Thursday morning that I was going into labor to have him and we'd be closed for three days. (Only one parent was mad that didn't include Sat, Sun! That family no longer attends here, LOL) Our first child was past due so it was an any-day-now kind of thing but I felt like it being unpaid since it was still last minute was nice to do for families. Now not sure about the second child....
sahm1225 10:57 AM 12-28-2014
First off congratulations!! I remember you from when you were settiing up to start your daycare!

Can you afford to take the time unpaid? I would take the days after your due date as your planned paid vacation and then if you go into labor early you could take that time off unpaid. For example if you're due on a Thursday, I would take the following week off. If your 2nd child is late, then you would be closed anyway but if you deliver early the families only have to get back up care for the days you are early. Hopefully that makes sense!
Abigail 11:36 AM 12-30-2014
It does make sense with my first son I only closed for three days so I don't want to close very long term to begin with for maternity leave. I think planning a paid vacation would be more stressful because you would want it to happen during that time but it could be way off.
melilley 11:44 AM 12-30-2014

I'm due at the beginning of August! I just told my families that I will be closing for 2 weeks at the end of July or beginning of August, that I would let them know when the time gets closer. One week is paid (my vacation week) and one is not. I have it in my contract that I will take one paid and one non paid vacation a year.

I also am giving the families a choice to take off the month of August without paying me. I figure whoever takes it, great, whoever doesn't then oh well. This is my 3rd child, but I haven't had one while providing child care in my home so I'm not too sure how I will feel!
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