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daycare 12:33 PM 06-02-2011
SO I posted that I have a new client that will be paying her DC fees through her company.... Her company will be paying me direct. I am trying to write a new contract and wanted you guys to look it over to make sure that I have it worded correctly or if I need to add or take anything out...
thanks in advance for your guys help!!

Payment for childcare will be made in the following manner: Check

All payments will be paid through ____________________________________________ and will be due every other Friday, paying two weeks in advance for each pay period. All payments must be received on time or will be subject to late fees (see parent hand book regarding late fees) and will be billed directly to _____________________.
If payments are not received by Monday of the new week, your child will not be able to attend daycare until all fees are paid in full. Parents may pay fees directly to provider to avoid late fees and then will be credited on the next invoice for any fees paid.
Michael 12:51 PM 06-02-2011
There are a few more samples here:
daycare 03:33 PM 06-02-2011
I looked in the links michael posted but found nothing....does anyone have any advice..

thanks again
Blackcat31 03:47 PM 06-02-2011
Questions: How come her company is paying? I sort of don't think it is fair that the parent would lose her space or right to attend if the company doesn't pay on time or in full. I would think that late fees and not being allowed to attend are things we do to ensure the parent holds up their end of the contract and pays on time. Am I understanding this wrong and you are looking for wording for the contract between you and the company or you and the parent?

I can't think of how to word what I am getting at but do you see where I am going with this? If you agree to accept payment from the company it seems that the parent shouldn't really be held responsible for anything unless she is required to do something like turn in a billing or paperwork to request the payment for you. (LOL!! I feel like the more I am trying to explain what I mean, the more confusing I am getting....)

It is the last day of school here and all my "problem" SA boys will be gone after today so I think I am drunk with happiness!!
daycare 04:07 PM 06-02-2011
SO I am sending the invoice to the DCD and he is turning it in. I understand what you are saying, however, I feel that it is the parents responsibility to make sure that their company stayin ontop of paying me. I don't have anything from the company that states they will be responsible for paying me. I only have the parents word that the comapny is going to be paying for care. So far this kid has been here 3 days and I have collected no money. I sent an invoice home with her on the day she came to drop off other papers, but if I am not paid on time, then I think its only fair that from now on I get paid before I allow the child to stay.

Sorry I am also suffering allergies really bad and may not be explaining myself well.
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