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lilbunnyhops 09:27 PM 10-17-2008
Hi!! I am a new member. I am a single mother in Orlando, FL of a beautiful toddler. I began making worksheets to help my daugher
learn her abc's, colors, shapes, numbers, printing and more.
I have started posting them for free on my website.
For free preschool and kindergarten printables please visit us at

I have been having a terrible time finding a job. The economy is so awful. I know alot of people are having the same problems. I remind my self that my baby and I are both healthy and happy and things could be worse.

MissPrecious 10:10 AM 10-19-2008
I just signed up minutes ago. My name is Precious. I'm in Fl as well. Thank you for sharing your printables. I printed out a few to use at school this week.
LeadershipConnection 07:56 PM 05-13-2009

Nice job with the printables. I know many child care programs who can benefit from this resource. I'll pass it on.

Julie Bartkus
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