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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Wow! Easy Day-Hopefully :)
mema 07:12 AM 11-11-2011
1st off-Happy Veteran's day to all vet's (and their families, it's not easy on them either).

Now I'd like to say-Happy Friday
I have 1 scheduled off, 2 sick, and 1 showing up sometime this morning. (comes anywhere from 800-1030). I have 1 of my children here and 1 slept at a friend's house and will be home after lunch! Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing day since I hurt my back last night and it's still very sore.
Michelle 07:42 AM 11-11-2011
easy day for me too!
only 4 coming today...

ooh,take care of your back, no lifting!
laundrymom 12:04 PM 11-11-2011
Rest up!!! Sending calm quiet thoughts to you.
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