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Daycare Insurance>Trying to Start Home Daycare in Louisiana
spacetiger 04:30 PM 02-02-2010
My friend and I are trying to start a home daycare. The home we are having the daycare in is rented. We need help...seriously. We are starting to get a bit discouraged. We want to do everything right but there are many road blocks we are coming across. We would like to have insurance in the event the inevitable happens. And we would also like to get a license of some sort. I am pretty good at finding things on the internet but I still have some questions.
1. Who in the world will insure a home daycare in a home that is rented?
2. Can we even get licensed since we cannot be class A or class B? (no "qualified director")

These are the main 2 questions we are in need of answers to.
any help would be great!!
Unregistered 03:31 PM 02-05-2010
First thing you need to do is find out if you can have a home childcare in a place where you don't live. Some states allow it, some don't. You need to know if you will be doing buisness as a center or a home daycare. Different things for you to follow.

your next step would be to contact your licensing agency and go to the introduction meetings. In the mean time you can down load your own state regualtions and read them.

In mn home child cares are not "required" to have insurance. Good idea of course, but it's not required. If I were starting up on a budget I could see putting it off for a very limited time depending what other expenses you have.

consider joining an assoication and going to a few meetings to meet other providers. They'll give you the real story for your area.
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