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themoorethemerrier 02:07 PM 02-24-2012
Anyone in NY send meal count, attendance and menu to their sponser electronically?
melskids 02:43 PM 02-24-2012
I having trouble with something?
themoorethemerrier 06:06 PM 02-24-2012
My sponser (was totally rocks, BTW) had never heard of it.

I'm wondering how to go about getting it set up so that we're able to. Any ideas?
melskids 03:52 PM 02-25-2012
geez...I can't help you there....our licensors are also our FP sponsors, and they have it all set up automatically with their office. I dont know if its something you can do on your own or something that has to be done through an agency.

I wonder if you can contact MMK yourself to find out?
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