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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>July 4th?? Off on the 5th??
SunflowerMama 09:25 AM 06-04-2010
In my contract I have July 4th as a paid holiday but don't have anything about it falling on the weekends. I have seen in other contracts that there is wording to the effect that if the holiday falls on Sat. it will be observed on Friday and if on Sunday observed on Monday.

I have adjusted my contract now with the new wording but the 3 dcks I have in care have the old contract with just July 4th.

I'm sure the families probably have that Monday off and I'd love to have it off to take a weekend trip with the family but don't know how to word it to the parents.

Any advice??
missnikki 09:32 AM 06-04-2010
Be upfront and honest. Chances are, they are at a job that may be closed on the 5th. If not, you might need to take an unpaid holiday.
In my contracts, I always have a stipulation about how policies can change at any time, with notice. Then, you are ok for this kind of thing.
jen 09:39 AM 06-04-2010
I would just send out a quick note that states that as the 4th of July holiday falls on a Saturday (or Sunday, I don't have a calendar in front of me!) daycare will be closed on Monday.

Generally, if a holiday falls on Saturday, I take Friday, and if it falls on Sunday, then I take Monday.
Greenshadow 09:55 AM 06-04-2010
Maybe just jot down a quick note about it to give to each parent concerning the Fourth of July weekend. Most parents, because they are given such advance notice, would be fine with it, I would think.
momma2girls 09:55 AM 06-04-2010
I have it written that way in my contract" if a Holiday falls on a Sat. then the Fri. before is considered the Holiday. If it falls on a SUn. then the Mon. after will be considered the Holiday.
Another big note this year, if you have New year's eve, and Christmas eve off as paid Holidays, this yr. they all on a Fri. then Christmas day on a Sat. so I worded my contract for this yr. as well. If the Holiday falls on a Fri. and Sat. then the Thurs. before will be considered the Eve Holiday. I hope everyone can follow this, it is kind of confusing!!
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