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Daycare and Taxes>Trying To Make Phone Contact With IRS
Josiegirl 04:37 PM 04-02-2014
Is it possible? I'm having some issues and need to speak with someone from the IRS. But I'm thinking the only way possible is to go to one of their offices and see them face to face?
If anyone can help me, a huge thank you!!
I've gone to their website countless times and never seem to get anywhere.
Would I be able to get help from my tax preparer, in contacting the IRS?
I'm getting very frustrated.
ihop 04:42 PM 04-02-2014
Last year I spent 3.75 hours on the phone with the irs before I finally hung up. I would try to talk your tax preparer into doing it

Whenever I have to call I honestly picture hundreds of phones off the hook while all irs employees are hanging out in the break room laughing at me.

I have never successfully gotten through to anyone. But I hope your luck is different
TwinKristi 07:36 PM 04-02-2014
I've gotten through. I guess I accidentally called a fraud line but I still got the info I was looking for!
snbauser 05:37 AM 04-03-2014
Sorry to say Good Luck with that. It is next to impossible to get ahold of someone there.
Josiegirl 04:20 PM 04-03-2014
Well, at least I know I was doing it right then. I thought maybe it was simply my brain cells not kicking in...again.
Gotta figure something out then. This involves getting transcripts from IRS website or IRS retrieval onto a FAFSA form. And nothing is working.
Janiam 08:52 PM 04-03-2014
I am having the same problem. CPA efiled on 3-7 and I can't get a transcript. I guess my taxes haven't been processed? It's really stressing me out, first child going to college and we are stuck on this!
Josiegirl 04:09 AM 04-04-2014
Janiam, yes!! And it's so strange, because I have 2 dds in school, the first one went through perfectly okay, second one did not. And they were both done the same exact time. And they're juniors and seniors in college so it's not like it's the first time.
See, yours should have gone through because they say to wait 3 weeks. There must be a glitch somewhere but how the heck do you get through to them to ask for help? I'll have to get my dd to go to her nearest IRS office. Like college students don't have enough to do!
Good luck with getting yours taken care of, it's a pain in the butt!
Janiam 07:29 AM 04-04-2014
Yeah there must be a glitch , mistake, someting ....I have never dealt with this before so I am feeling pretty frustrated. And of course it is spring break and I will have a house full today which makes phone calls and sitting on hold almost impossible. I will call my cpa again and see if he has any advice. Nearest IRS office is 2/12 hours away, so that will require closing for a day and grouchy DC parents. Ugh. Good luck to you too!
Janiam 10:50 AM 04-04-2014
Well further reading on FAFSA I see you can't get a transcript until 2-3 weeks after you pay taxes due. I owed this year and mailed a check 4-2, I had no idea it worked this way or I would have sent payment sooner. Does this sound right?
Janiam 09:35 PM 04-04-2014
Just wanted to add that I was able to get through to the IRS today. I waited on hold for about 30 minutes. The lady I talked to was friendly and corroberated my above post. It will take about 10 days for my payment to clear and it could be May before the returns that needed 'collection' in other words had tax due... to be processed and available on DRT for a transcript. This is a big problem when trying to put together college financing by the deadlines. What a mess.
Josiegirl 05:59 AM 04-05-2014
OMG I didn't know that either!! My dd owed money for 2013 and I just sent a check last weekend so maybe that was why??
Thanks for coming back and posting this Janiam, I've got 2 very stressful things going on in my life at the moment and this is one of them. So hopefully, this was the reason.
Last time she owed money, I paid it right away so didn't encounter this problem. This time I waited a couple weeks.
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