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jenboo 10:37 PM 10-23-2014
Veteran's day is a tuesday.
I made my schedule a year ago and passed it out in January. I scheduled monday off and tuesday open. I thought it would be weird to close on a tuesday.

Is this weird? What days are you closed?? Do most parents have Tuesday off and work Monday?
Michael 02:20 AM 10-24-2014
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sahm1225 05:31 AM 10-24-2014
I don't close for Veterans Day, bit if you passed out your calendar in January and the Parents didn't say anything, then you should be good!
Second Home 06:18 AM 10-24-2014
I do not close since it is not a holiday for my dh.
Cat Herder 06:24 AM 10-24-2014
I close on the day of, in honor of my DH who is a veteran. We typically attend a luncheon, ceremony or parade together as he is often asked to participate locally.

I don't think I could pull off the Monday closure, then open the day of, as it defeats the purpose.

If they had a year notice, I would expect a few rumblings about having to pay for a "non-national holiday" closure.... You know how to shut that down, though...
Blackcat31 06:25 AM 10-24-2014
Veterans Day isn't a closed holiday for me either.

Schools are in session as well.
snbauser 06:59 AM 10-24-2014
If you gave them notice, then it's on them. Here our schools are also closed. I am closed on the actual holiday but I also have all school employees.
Annalee 07:16 AM 10-24-2014
I am closed Veteran's day as well as all school holidays with pay!
jenboo 07:51 AM 10-24-2014
I feel dumb for closing Monday instead of the day of haha.

My parents don't mind at all when I take days off. All but one have family that watch their kids if I close and the other family takes the days off no problem.
CraftyMom 07:55 AM 10-24-2014
Schools are closed on Tuesday here.

I goofed when I made my schedule and didn't realize it until recently.

In the handbook I list the holidays I am closed, and included Veteran's day this year (in past years I stayed open, but always for only one child, so I decided to close this year). In addition to listing the holidays in the handbook I also make a schedule that I give to parents that is separate, so they can hang it by their calendar. Well I forgot to add veteran's day to that schedule. No one has mentioned it. So I plan to stay open and if no one comes then I'll have a day off
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