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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Make this Veteran's Day With Me?
grandmom 09:27 AM 05-24-2018
This Veteran wants 100 birthday cards on his birthday. How about cards from around the world. Please send him a card. Have your childcare children send him one too? His birthday is June 6. Thanks.
Cat Herder 09:31 AM 05-24-2018
Consider it done.
Blackcat31 09:33 AM 05-24-2018
How cool!
We'll be sending cards too!
Baby Beluga 10:10 AM 05-24-2018
Josiegirl 10:31 AM 05-24-2018
Definitely. Also shared the story with my family so hopefully they'll participate or at least forward it. Love stuff like this.
e.j. 12:58 PM 05-24-2018
What a great idea. I'll send one and have my older dc kids make him a card, too.
Mike 03:21 PM 05-24-2018
Not very many people reach 100. That's a birthday to celebrate. I've been doing housekeeping for an older lady for 16 months. She turned 94 4 days ago and is still living alone, so she might just make it too.

I know I won't be around that long.
Josiegirl 05:44 PM 05-24-2018
When I was sharing with the dcks what I'd like them to do, and telling them this gentleman's age, they had no concept. So I drew the number of dots that they are, then drew the number of dots this man is turning. It left an impression. We're doing the cards tomorrow.
Today we made thank you cards for the dcf responsible for providing us with 10 bags of sand for our sandbox.
It's nice for kids to think outside of themselves for a bit.
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