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UtahMomma 02:56 PM 06-25-2013
I sent all of my paperwork in a week and a half ago and got the call today from the licensee that my inspection is Thursday morning!!

AHHHHH I thought I would have more notice than that! I'm super excited but also freaking out a little bit

How did your initial inspection go??
LaLa1923 02:59 PM 06-25-2013
Good luck! You'll do fine!!

Mine went fast and it was good IMO. I cited several parts of the regulations and that seemed to impress my specialist. She felt like I knew my stuff. I love my specialist!!
Leanna 03:07 PM 06-25-2013
Mine went good even though I was sooooo nervous. I'd gone through the inspection checklist 10 times but there are a lot of things (basic things) that I hadn't considered before the lic. asked. Basically she did her inspection and informed me of what needed to be changed/repaired/resolved and I had thirty days to complete it. In hindsight I wish I hadn't been so nervous because my lic. was really there to help.
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