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countrymom 12:10 PM 12-08-2010
here's the problem, I need to word something saying that if you book me for the holidays if you cancel you still have to pay. I don't know how to word it without pointing fingers. Last year this mom booked me and then every day would cancel on me, it drove me crazy (I had another mom do this but they are now not in my care as gma lives with them now).
marniewon 12:18 PM 12-08-2010
Do you have it in your contract that they pay whether they are there or not? If you do, then it shouldn't be an issue at all.

If not, I would say something like: Just a reminder, the holidays are a very busy time for daycare, and I have people calling me to care for their children. If you need care for any of the days between x and y, please let me know. Due to the many calls that I get for daycare at this time, if you "book" one or any of those days, you will need to pay to hold the spot. If you end up not attending, you will still need to pay, as I'm holding your place for you and cannot find someone to fill your spot at the last moment.
AfterSchoolMom 12:22 PM 12-08-2010
How about if you just send something out saying that you'll need payment for whatever days they book in advance? Here's what I'd say:

Parents, If you'd like to reserve childcare for XYZ days, I will require payment in advance. This payment will be nonrefundable, so consider your schedule carefully. Please have payment ready by X date for all days that you wish to reserve. Thanks!
countrymom 12:32 PM 12-08-2010
thanks ladies, I don't have anything in my contract because I'm in the middle of redoing it (its 6 yrs old)
Crystal 01:14 PM 12-08-2010
"Payment obligation is based on the number of hours you agree to use child care, not on actual hours of attendance. Payment is due if you have agreed upon certain blocks of time, whether or not the child attends during those hours."
Blackcat31 02:06 PM 12-08-2010
Please submit payment WITH your schedule. Space will NOT be reserved if payment does not accompany request. Since space is reserved in advance no payments will be refundable. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!
missnikki 02:12 PM 12-08-2010

Sorry for caps, cut and pasted it. I always have a sign up sheet so I have in writing what they asked for, and I put a deadline on it (usually the Wed. before the holiday) That's when I pull the sheet, and give invoices, all before the holiday. So they see it on their bill before they have a chance to not show up. Works every time.

ETA: the sign up sheet says 'Reservations are non-refundable" right there on it under their handwriting asking for the days.
nannyde 03:01 PM 12-08-2010
Just have them pay upfront for any day they want in the future.

If you have the money in hand it doesn't matter if they cancel or not.

I don't do drop in care but if I did the schedule would have to be given to me on Friday for the upcoming week with payment.

Set a day they have to schedule and pay ufront. If they call you on a given day that isn't scheduled and they need care then you can decide that day if you want to do it or not.

If you have a parent doing this repeatedly to avoid upfront paying then make sure you say no a couple of times when it's spur of the moment.

Once they pay for the day the fee can only be used for those hours on that day. If they cancel they can't apply it to any other days or any other hours fees.
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