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Unregistered 12:06 PM 10-01-2018
I had a dcd give their notice verbally on Thursday. I would like documentation to put in their file, I plan to type up a letter that they sign and return to me. Any ideas on what to say in the letter?

Michael 03:19 PM 10-01-2018
Still not sure what you want in the letter and for what? Do you want them to notify you of cancelation in writing, is that the issue?
boy_mom 04:08 PM 10-01-2018
Dear DCP,

This letter is to confirm that DCK's last day of care is xx/xx/xxxx. A total of $xx.xx is due no later than 5pm on that date OR your two weeks deposit will applied at this time. (Or whatever you need to write in order to wrap up finacially)


Have two copies at morning drop off, have her sign one to keep and give her the other
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