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Unregistered 07:03 AM 06-06-2013
Hi, I just joined this group, I have not been able to log in yet with my user name ,which is Gracie's Daycare, but wanted to comment on a post that I have been reading. The posts on the debate between the legal & illegal aspects of running a daycare. I guess I don't really understand what the whole squabble is about. It is up to each provider to run her daycare in what ever manner she wants to, if she wants to run it legal or not and understands what she is doing. If she is running it illegally, but is only caring for a few kids, are they well cared for and the parents don't have a problem with her doing so, is it really any one's business on how she runs her daycare but hers and the parents? I'm not for doing things illegally, but if she gives the kids good daycare and the parents are aware of this and still have their children with her, why is it such a big deal with what she is doing. Is it the fact that she did not jump through the hoops to be legal, or are the legal's afraid that the illegals area taking away their business and charging less?

Many providers that I have encountered in my lifetime of doing daycare can not pay what it costs to be legal, but still want to care for children, but then only take a few because of the number of kids they can care for without being legal. Yes, there is having to be inspected unannounced, having your home inspected,take classes and all that, but what does that really mean? Your home is safe, they want to check up on you every once in awhile and know that you know what to do in certain situations etc. Parents can always come unannounced and check for themselves if they wish and ask you if know what to do if something would arise and maybe ask you if you would tell them what you would do or even want you to take a class,but it is your choice to be legal or not, so is that any reason to keep putting down these daycare providers for their choice as it was your choice to be legal and that is your business as to want you wanted to do and not anyone's else's.

Is it that the legals are jealous of the illegals because they are doing daycare and did not have to pay out all the money or just that they are doing it. Yes, there are providers that are not legal and take on too many kids and I do have a problem with that, but hopefully the parents would be concerned about it and if their child was not being well taken care of, would pull them from that daycare.
I guess I just don't think it is up to us to tell someone how to run their business,I think we need to be concerned ab out how we run our own daycare and if we see someone is not running theirs good and the kids are getting bad care, then we can report them, but lets just not put anyone down for however they way to do their daycare.
I only take care of one child in my daycare,have not gone through the licensed program for my state, but I only care for one child and that is legal in my state. I see no reason to spend hundreds of dollars to do what the state wants to have providers do to be licensed. Frankly we can not afford to do what they want you do to, our yard is not fenced in,which cost a lot, BUT whenever the child is outside, I AM out there with them and do not leave them alone,so I am watching them. We do not have thousands of dollars to redo our kitchen, so it is child proof, so I watch the child all the time when they are in the kitchen. Some of this stuff is just common sense and using your head. I know that some providers just let the kids run, so that is not okay in my book either.
Sorry to rant and make such a long entry, but I just think we need to keep our nose's out of other providers faces and just mind our own business and do our daycare the way we see fit and don't put others down for whatever choices they have made.
I know I will get some nasty replies, but hey,I believe the way I do and you have the right to believe the way you do,I just don't think it is right to put everyone down that doesn't do things the way you think they should, it all comes down to the choices we make for our life's situations.
Happy Hearts 07:10 AM 06-06-2013
Yes, you have the right to your opinions. Have fun paying your fines.
Unregistered 07:10 AM 06-06-2013
Uh,Illegal is illegal... Plain and simple! Period!
Unregistered 07:15 AM 06-06-2013
There are reasons why there are rules.I pray pray nothing ever happens to a child in your care or a parent gets upset with you.They will be the first ones to turn you in. I folow the law bwcause I could never live with myself if sonething happened and I wasn't following all the rules and wasn'tlegal.You are entitled to your opinion,however breaking the law to do so is wrong.
Blackcat31 07:34 AM 06-06-2013
I am simply astounded that you choose to continue this argument.

The thread is closed/locked. Find somewhere else to start drama!!!!

Please do not continue to insult the hundreds of members of this forum who provide care LEGALLY to their clients.

If you choose to provide illegal care or to support illegal providers then that is YOUR choice. Please leave the rest of us out of it.
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