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Countrygal 09:27 AM 06-30-2012
My webpage is up and running. Would love it if you'd all take a look at it and give me suggestions, ideas or even compliments or criticism!

Thanks to Heidi who inspired me to try again on a webpage - it's so much easier than it was ten years ago!!!!

Thanks to dgs who took my picture! We need to redo it, I was squinting, but we'll do that tomorrow morning

Some notes on the page: I don't have pics of my space because I am in the middle of totally redoing my DC space. When that is completed, I hope to possibly add a page with some pics of it.

I don't post pics of the DC kids. Most of my parents do not allow it for public viewing.

Other than that, I kept it pretty vague - no prices, hours, etc. I want the prospective clients to call for all of that information. I'm hoping I may get more contacts that way. Ideas????!
Sunchimes 10:20 AM 06-30-2012
I see a typo in your heading-it says "Kid' Place" instead of Kid's Place. I haven't looked closely at the rest, but it looks bright and cheerful. I'm terrible at editing and critiquing things, but I'm sure someone better at it will chime in.
Countrygal 03:54 PM 06-30-2012
Thanks so much, Sunchimes! I tried to catch most of them. My computer was going about a minute behind my typing. It was almost impossible to get the thing up! There are probably more - let me know when you spot them, please!
cheerfuldom 05:25 PM 06-30-2012
I liked it. Did I miss it but was there some pictures of your actual location and setup anywhere?
AmyLeigh 05:41 PM 06-30-2012
It's so bright and playful!!! I like it. BTW, the only typo I caught was "bumble be."
Countrygal 05:48 PM 06-30-2012
Thanks everyone!

My pics will follow later. I am totally redoing my space and can't post pics until it is done, which may be even two months.....

Got it, Amy! TY!
SunnyDay 05:10 AM 07-01-2012
It looks nice!

Under activities, internet is spelled wrong (a wide variety of media including videos, books, intertnet,)

I would probably take out the word baby sitter in the sentence "Do you want a babysitter or exceptional childcare that will teach them to soar???", since a couple of paragraphs later you say that your goal is not to babysit.

I am not a fan of websites that play music, but that could just be me

I felt like it really helped me get a feel for your program, it sounds like a place I would want to send my kids to.
e.j. 06:08 AM 07-01-2012
It looks great. I can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into it.
Countrygal 06:41 AM 07-01-2012
Thanks everyone for the compliments and suggestions. I've used every single one of your suggestions so far! Sunny, I didn't really like that sentence, anyway. Thanks for suggesting I take that part out.
Blackcat31 07:15 AM 07-01-2012
This is what I noticed while reading it over. I don't mean to sound nitpicky so I apologize if it comes across that way.

On the Programs page (under Imagine section) you have

"At Kid's Place we understand that the two run hand-in-hand, but we firmly believe than with imagination and a love of learning, a child CAN"

and I think the red word should be "that"
On the Activites page (under Schedule section) you have

"Summer Schedule includes being outside as much as the weather, time and attitudes allow! While our outdoor schedule is as varied as the weather, our basic schedule always remains the same."

I don't think the first time you use the word schedule should be capitalized and I think the third time you use the word, I think you should say "basic daily routine" or something. I don't know, it just seems like the word schedule is over used in that paragraph.
In the Food and Nutrition section you state

"Miss ***XX has spent many years working in food service, including in child care, and has a wide variety of menus and recipes from which to choose!"

I feel like that phrase, "including child care" seems a bit out of place. I don't know, I think the point about your experience in food service is addressed by simply saying you have spent many years working in food service. I don't know maybe it is just me, but the way you have it, it just seems to be standing there alone without flow to the rest of the paragraph. Does that make sense?
On your Teachers page I really think it would be more personal if you spoke the words from an "I" standpoint. So instead of saying "she", say "I".

I feel like that gives the page a more personal feel and a few words from you as the person who is going to be caring for the kids etc. I just really like when providers give a personal message about themselves. It reads much more warmly than saying she. I think talking as if it isn't you speaking makes it read like a resume....kwim?

Other than those things, I LOVED your site! I think it is nicely done and has some great information about what you offer. You did an excellent job!!!
I used Wix as well as I found it to be super easy to use. (If you are interested in seeing my site, PM me and I will give you the link).

I also don't think your picture was bad at all. I think you look very nice! I also loved the photos you did choose to use on your site. They had the feel of exploring, learning and having fun!

Countrygal 07:21 AM 07-01-2012
Thanks, BC - EXCELLENT suggestions and I'm using every single one, as soon as I can get on the site.... :P They must be down for maintenance or something this morning. Sunday morning on the internet - UGH!
Heidi 05:31 PM 07-01-2012
yay! You have it going! Very professional!
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