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KDC 08:35 AM 07-28-2014
I had a couple of interviews over the weekend and they were for the infant spot I have available. I do not have as many older kids as they've aged out of my program, so technically I can have 2 infant spots available, but I wasn't expecting to fill 2. I have 2 families interested. They're both for 4 days in September. They both seem really nice.

#1, Met on Friday, referred from a school friend of my dd. 1st time Mom, DCG will be 5 months, but is NOT yet on a schedule (has a month and a half to work on it), but overall seems nice. She didn't bring daughter on interview, so no gauge of how temperament is. Balked a teeny bit on paying me holidays as she works for the state and has those days off. She's going to have to work magic to be here on time every day since she works 8:00-5:30 about 45 mins away from here. She said she could do it... but didn't sound too convincing.

#2, Met on Sat am, found me on website. Has 2 older daughters and DCG seems super happy. Mom was very interested. I told her I would make my decision today and let them know tonight and she let me know she wants me to care for her daughter and if not now, she's willing to go onto the waiting list. Hours are great (8-4) - works here in town.

So, #2 sounds like the winner... I have a sibling of current DCB willing to join my program in January and they'll be 16 months at that time. They'll be 5 days a week during except the summer (reduced to 2 days a week) - Perfect for my children being home during the summer. I thinking I'll grab #2 now and hold off on filling my other infant spot until January?

#1 sent me a nice to meet you and you're great and we're anxiously awaiting your decision... I guess it's time to let her down

I just hope I'm making the right decision waiting for the sibling. What if she changes her mind. Is it risky? ugh.

Those with infants... am I crazy for even entertaining the idea of taking on 2 infants at the same time (5 months & 6 months)? I also have an almost 3 yr. old, a 16 month old and 5 yr. old with 1/2 day Kindergarten.
SilverSabre25 08:45 AM 07-28-2014
It's not crazy, it's doable. People with twins do it all the time :P I like having them close in age.
MrsSteinel'sHouse 09:05 AM 07-28-2014
I have often times had babies in two's. It is doable. If you do it and #1 just doesn't work out you could term and still take the January child.
Shell 09:56 AM 07-28-2014
Agree that #1 is a pass. I have taken on two infants before- it's a bit crazy, but you get them on a schedule and routine. Good luck!
CraftyMom 10:15 AM 07-28-2014
It's doable. I hope, because I have 2 starting a few weeks away from each other, they will be 2months and 5 months
NightOwl 10:28 AM 07-28-2014
I'm totally cool with more than one infant. You can kind of mold their schedules over time to match up.
NightOwl 10:32 AM 07-28-2014
Can you afford to keep the spot open until January? If so, go for it. If not, #1 doesn't sound so bad. Not perfect, but not bad either.
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