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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Daycare Parents Are Starting To Show Promise!!
TaylorTots 06:29 PM 09-09-2014
I text parents:

"Your daycare provider has tonsillitis. I am contagious until tomorrow evening but daycare will be open tomorrow. It is your choice to attend and expose to the illness."

ALL parents texted back saying they will keep kiddos home or make other arrangements and to get some rest.

Moments like this really make some of those horrible daycare parent moments better
Thriftylady 06:35 PM 09-09-2014
Wow, great for you!!! I do think you need the rest!
TaylorTots 06:39 PM 09-09-2014
Oh I do need rest... but I have taken 3 personal days without much/any notice in the last month in a half for my DS's (sudden) tonsil surgery, my DD got strep and then a day for the tonsillectomy followup + dentist appointments. My parents have been so patient, I didn't have the heart to tell them I was closing for another day
Thriftylady 06:42 PM 09-09-2014
YOU sound like ME!!!! You make every excuse for others to not give you a break and not to take care of you. I can spot it in you and tell you that you shouldn't do that, but I can't do it for me LOL. GO NOW, lay down, watch tv, read do something for you. You can tell me that later when I need told lol. Because after all one of the things we are all here for is to keep each other straight.
EntropyControlSpecialist 08:25 PM 09-09-2014
That is just wonderful!!!

Last year, I was hugely pregnant and ill and said something similar. All 10 children attended. I had to laugh.
Second Home 03:27 AM 09-10-2014

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