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MissAnn 12:33 PM 07-11-2014
I have a super picky eater who eats very little lunch and always whatever the bread is. I don't to serve crackers or cookies for snack because she has already eaten enough crappy grains.

So.....I was thinking of either

Fruit and Milk
Fruit and yogurt
Fruit and cheese
Veggies/Dip and Milk

OK....I thought of some of these as I was writing. I'd still like more ideas.....maybe Veggies/Hummus and water for the 5th day??????

Who has a really easy hummus recipe that kids like??????
sahm1225 12:12 PM 07-12-2014
Veggies & cheese?
SilverSabre25 03:32 PM 07-12-2014
cottage cheese and fruit (peaches, pineapple, or strawberries are good)
Veggies with melted cheese dip of some kind maybe.
Ants on a log with Peanut butter or cream cheese
Bake muffins with lots of veggies snuck in? Chocolate-zuchinni, carrot-orange (with ginger, yum), pumpkin, etc.
nothingwithoutjoy 09:25 AM 07-14-2014
Popsicles are a favorite summer snack here. Basically anything that would go into a smoothie can be blended and then frozen into a popsicle:
yogurt and fruit
milk (can be dairy or coconut or almond or whatever) and fruit
yogurt and fruit and leafy greens
milk and fruit and leafy greens
nuts are a nice addition, or tofu if you want to add protein, or coconut
you can add spices
or use a base of herbal tea

I always use the whole fruit, and don't add sugar.
Jennie M. Martin 11:36 PM 07-18-2014
I think you should try Chomps Snack Sticks. It's a grass fed beef stick. Nutrition can be checked here I was looking for some quick & healthy options. It is very hard for me to cook due to my busy schedule. I recently found one good option which is cheap as well as healthy.
Looking for more ideas, please share if anyone finds any healthy & low cost idea.
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