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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Anyone in Florida?? I need Help :(
Mizztamika 07:07 AM 12-05-2018
Hi All i am new too child care. I am getting really frustrated as i am just finishing up my 45 hours of child care that the state mandates and have started taking the exams. i waited a couple months as i had no form of income so i had to do side jobs here and there. i currently finished the class 3 months ago and i have 3 exams left. You are required to take 7 exams in total. I have been on multiple interviews so far and i cannot find a daycare who will hire me. They said i have 90 days to get my 45 hours. BEFORE EMPLOYMENT EVEN STARTS. Usually it is 90 days to complete your 45 hours once employment begins but they are now saying that Florida gives you 90 days to complete your 45 hours exam??? Another thing im having an issue with is trying to get my cda. In florida its not offered anywhere. The only thing that is offered is the 120 hours that is need for the ceus. But thats it. Its up to you to get the 480 hours and you have to be working with the specific group that you want to get your CDA in. NOT only am i finding it difficult to find work, i have no idea how to obtain my cda without paying almost 1000 in cost just for the 120 hours. its a complete rip off. I also have my CNA (Certified Nursing assistant) license and i could not find a job after paying $800 to get it. I am not sure what to do. The only place that seemed to want to hire me is literally burger king which sucks. I have spent all of this money and time and no job in any of the fields i went to school for. I don't mean to vent but i think racism is playing a huge part as well. I live in the fort lauderdale area and i am black and most of the daycares are hispanic owned so when they see me they ask if i can speak Spanish and i tell them no i cant, and then the interview is over and i never recieve a call back. i have applied not just at daycares but stores as well and they ask this as well. Another thing is that some of the daycares don't want to pay. I have had 3 daycares do the try you out where they let you work for a week or two for free because they say that they want to try you out before they hire you and i get along with everyone , do my job and then they tell me that our budget does not have room or they say we will give you call and i never get a call. So i worked for them for free . I do feel taken advantage of i just don't understand. Right now i am applying everywhere even walmart and dollar stores as i need a job. I am very fustrated as if i didnt have my family i would be homeless. I have made an income of $0 for 2018. I am 24 years old, able bodied with no kids and can do the work. I am trying my best to hold it together but im crying inside. My parents are still proving me foo, and shelter when these are the years where i should be well equipped to do that myself.
Cat Herder 07:13 AM 12-05-2018
Goodwill. They can get you going. I know, it sounds weird, but I have sent several clients to them and all were employed quickly and moved up even faster. They have all kinds of local connections, it is literally their job to help you find and keep one.

I wish I had known about them in my early 20's.
Unregistered 08:10 AM 12-05-2018
First off lots of hugs!!! Take a minute step back and breathe. Now....sit down and write out all your strengths...from education to experience. Now...take a few minutes and write down your absolute dream great detail. Look at both lists side by side and see connections...from like to deal with people to want to work comfy close. Read the dream job list 2x a will come. You're in desperation mode....that's what the universe is sending back to you. FEEL like you have this great be grateful for it...and it will come. I get clients this my husband( although I did keep the receipt on him) and a house to care in!!! You got this!!!
Gemma 08:32 AM 12-05-2018
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
You're in desperation mode....that's what the universe is sending back to you.
I know it sounds crazy but the "thought= creation" thing is really true!
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