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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Have You Ever Considered Having Your Own Uniform?
Mrs. CC 05:29 PM 10-28-2011
I have been thinking of switching to scrubs as my outfit while watching my DCK. Have any of you done the same?

I feel I get very messy and I don't want my every day clothes to be gooed up all the time.

I thought of Scrubs because I have seen many cool patterns that I think the kids would like and would hide messes well. I don't know if they come in talls though. Will have to look into that.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
dave4him 05:50 PM 10-28-2011
Nice idea for the ladies. Not so sure for myself though. I do need to work on my wardrobe though. Since as a stay at home dad ive been pretty lazy about what i wear... cant wear my got milk pj's all day watching other peopls kids
daycare 05:56 PM 10-28-2011
I have about 7 or 8 different juicy jogger outfits that I got super cheap. Of course they are knock offs, but they were very inexpensive and I only wear them for DC. I think I might even have a few others as well.

A lot of them are to the point of needing to be replaced. I have bleach on a ton of them. I also wear a super cute apron (black) that I ordered from online. They all have different animals on them along with my name that I had my my sew on for me...

I do want to get shirts made for me and the kids because we are out in the community so much, but I have yet to find where I can get kids size t-shirts made...
dave4him 05:57 PM 10-28-2011
Maybe a nice apron
LittleCrawfishCC 06:49 PM 10-28-2011
I personally wear scrubs everyday!!!! They are so comfortable and feel like pj's, so I have to problem getting up and down, and doing what I need to do. My hubby was tired of seeing bleach stains on all my new clothes. So as per advice from a dcm I went to citi trends, because they have scrub sets for $9.99. So I purchased 5 pair for around $60.
small_steps 08:37 PM 10-28-2011
I wear scrub tops every day too. And they get so messy, so I'm glad it's not my regular clothes. Working from home I do find that my personal wardrobe is lacking but at least what I do have doesn't get bleach stains. I too have thought of getting some and having my daycare name put on them.'
CheekyChick 09:19 PM 10-28-2011
Myself and my staff wear t-shirts with my daycare name. I also have aprons with our name. Oh, and I bought itty-bitty t-shirts for my preschoolers. So cute.
Mrs. CC 07:43 AM 10-29-2011
Wow! So not the craziest idea I have had so far

I am going to look for CitiTrends! Thank you for that tip!
misspollywog 10:17 AM 10-29-2011
I am making t-shirts with our logo on them for myself and staff to wear as a uniform. What I really want eventually is to have the logo embroidered on the front of jeans over-alls, with white t-shirts under for a uniform.
LittleCrawfishCC 06:10 PM 10-29-2011
yw!!! :-) I have had them a couple of weeks, and they are holding up well! It seems I am washing them all the time, lol
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