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Country Kids 02:59 PM 02-09-2012
I'm not sure I even worded that correctly so let me explain. I have one child that I'm not sure can handle the stimulation of childcare. This week the child was gone due to sickness and the childcare was a totally different place! It was quiet, everyone got along, naps were peaceful, everyone enjoyed it here.

The child came back after missing several days and its back to being extremely noisey, everyone saying "no" to this child because of taking toys or hitting or whatever. Wouldn't stay on mat at naptime but finally fell asleep.

This is a child that is fine as long as they are by themselves but as soon as others come aggression starts, running, not listening, being lazy. I try and do preschool with them and this one just wants to lay around or scream during "lesson time", bug others. I have tried letting them do their own thing but then everyone loses interest and wants to leave.

I have noticed if we are doing an art/craft or doing mini centers at the table this child stays totally engaged. The minute we do preschool or free play they can't handle it.

What I mean by the aggression part is they will wrestle kids to the ground, hang on them, push. Always has this mad look on the face. Attends alot of wrestling meets at a local highschool but do I can't say the child can't do this if the parents go.

When we are at the table they will bang and want to sing as loud as possible getting everyone wound up. When I make them get down it turns into a scream fest becaue the child then wants to eat.

This is a three year old and honestly its like they don't understand what I'm saying when I tell them what they are doing wrong. They will say ok but go right back to doing it.

Everytime I see the child out and about with parents, the child is very quiet, reserved and acts shy around people. Even me when we meet up and are talking.

The parents and I have had numerous conversations and they are always willing to work with me. I just didn't realize how bad it was till this week and it was so quiet around here. Any suggestions on how to handle this. Child has been here since a year ago. Behavior just seem to really get bad this fall!
Cat Herder 03:04 PM 02-09-2012
Do you have an area where he can have some individual play time, away from the group, when he is getting too rough?

Also, where the others can get away from him?
Country Kids 03:07 PM 02-09-2012
No nothing like that. I don't even have room to make a seperate area. Its all or nothing!
Cat Herder 03:15 PM 02-09-2012
Yeah, that would be hard.

Some kids seem to need to be away from other kids for a portion of the day to do anything constructive. It is like they absolutely can not keep their hands to themselves for any amount of time.

I would have a hard time not being able to get away from someone touching me all day.... 10 hours without defined borders would make me act out. I'd bet that is what is happening to the rest of your group....

Even wrestlers need to tap out from time to time....
cheerfuldom 07:05 AM 02-10-2012
some kids just aren't the right fit for your group or your set up.
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