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mim 09:43 AM 10-28-2014
I'm making changes to my policies. I'm going to a set up to 9.5 hrs of care a day. One set rate for contracted hours between 7-430 because I want to know exactly when they are coming and going. If you need before 7 or after 430 it is more $ per 30min portion. Right now I work 13hrs a day and am burning out really fast. I've done daycare for 12yrs and the last 2 yrs I have been working long days. I am worried about raising my current clients though because they would all fall under the extra charge category. One dcf more so than the rest. I have the dck 12 hours everyday.
I'm also changing my vacation days I previously have in my policies that I can take 7 days paid throughout the year as well as all major holidays paid, but I find myself feeling guilty about making them pay. So I either try really hard not to take a day off or sometimes I'll tell them I'm not countng it as my vacation day so it will be unpaid. For the new year I was thinking about keeping the holidays because that doesn't bother so much and then taking 14 days through the year around my kids school breaks because they are all in school now. For current clients I would calculate the yearly rate then subtract the $ for all those days and then divide it by 52 for the weekly rate which will actually lower my current families about $5 week and then just have a set rate for new clients which is well below the average for my area. What do you think.
NeedaVaca 10:39 AM 10-28-2014
Something about this seems off, maybe someone else will chime in. If you are getting burnt out by the long hours and want to charge more for the extended care wouldn't that be negated by lowering the weekly payments? Many of the providers that don't charge for vacation actually raise the weekly amount to cover it not lower it. Math is not my strong suit...

Edited to add: I would just hate to see you sell yourself short. If the parents were ok with your vacation policy then you shouldn't feel guilty to use them, and if you are already well below the average in your area I hate to see you lose even more money and still work those long hours!
midaycare 11:31 AM 10-28-2014
I'm floored at the fact you provide care for a child for 60 hours a week.

That client would be paying a huge premium for my services. I'm only open 11 hours a day, as it is.

I can tell you what I do, and maybe that will spark some ideas. I charge for 10 hours in the day. It's generous, but what I choose to do. If the parent needs more care, I charge $5 more per day.

I take 10 paid vacation days per year. Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, the day after Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day.

I don't generally close for doctors appts or sick days as I have a pretty reliable sub.

I may take 2 weeks of vacation, but I usually can rely on my sub to cover. So parents still pay (but I give all the money to the sub, so ...)

Some people on here (BC I think) charge by the number of hours parents use. It is a great idea, it just won't work for me right now.

Don't underestimate your value. I just gave myself a $2 per day increase (and I've only been open since this year). Parents didn't even flinch.
melilley 12:28 PM 10-28-2014
I do contracted hours and they can contract up to 10 hours a day for my weekly rate. Anything over is an extra charge, but I'm only open 11 hours so that usually doesn't happen.

I also get paid for holidays, plus the day after Thanksgiving, 5 personal days, and a week of vacation. I can take another week (haven't yet), but I don't make them pay. I'm rethinking that though.

I agree with midaycare, don't underestimate your value, you deserve paid time off!
mim 06:11 PM 10-28-2014
Thank you for the responses. I am just afraid of raising rates or keeping the rates the same but adding more days off.
Josiegirl 04:18 AM 10-29-2014
I'm like you, always afraid of changing something that might upset everybody. You said you're getting burned out, no wonder!!! If you burn out, what kind of care will you be able to offer then? You've got to think of yourself first. Dcks come and they go. But you'll always be there. Take care of YOU first and foremost. And remember this is your business, you get to call the shots. If you lose somebody, you will get someone else. You might have to cut back expenses a bit but your health comes first. Make your choices based on what would work best for you. Put dcfs out of your mind for a bit and focus on what YOU'D like to see happen. Then try to find a workable solution.

I have to ask you, why does a dcp need 12 hour days? And do they have someone else that can pick up their child? I'm only open 10 hrs. a day but if someone needed 12, they'd pay dearly for my time.

Please think of YOU first. For some reason, most dcproviders's needs are the last to be taken care of.
Now if I could practice what I preach.
Cat Herder 06:26 AM 10-29-2014
Originally Posted by mim:

I'm making changes to my policies.

contracted hours

I am worried about raising my current clients

I'm also changing my vacation days

I find myself feeling guilty about making them pay.

What do you think.
I think you need to put your family's needs above your clients needs.

I think you need to advertise and be prepared to replace all of your current clients.

I think you need to keep a wait list.

I think making drastic changes requires financial planning ahead of time and careful, slow implementation if you can't afford a mass exodus.

Once you can afford an exodus, and have people waiting on slots, implementing change is a breeze.
mim 07:57 AM 10-29-2014
Originally Posted by Josiegirl:

I have to ask you, why does a dcp need 12 hour days? And do they have someone else that can pick up their child? I'm only open 10 hrs. a day but if someone needed 12, they'd pay dearly for my time.
I guess she mainly works 4 days a week and most Fridays for over time. She is dropped off at 430am most days and picked up between 330 and 430. Her scheduled date and hours are m-th 430-430 and f 430-4. Some Friday's that early but some Friday's she comes between 7-830.
She's a single mom. Dealing w the dad was a whole other story for me. Luckily I don't deal w him any more. Grandparents live about 20 min away. Other than them I don't know of anyone to pick her up. I am charging $11 more a week than my most expensive infant spot even though dcg is 4. She makes me feel bad like she is broke. I charge in advance in Friday's and they pay third if I'm closed on Friday for holiday. So over the 4th of July was a Friday and I put a note in all sign in that pmt was due thurs. She tells "I don't get paid til Friday." I know full well w direct deposit they get it thurs for the holiday. And I said " I'm closed Friday." She says "I live paycheck to paycheck" I said "so do I". She paid me Thursday.
Anyway not really the point but. I don't know. Her rate would go up like $40 a week. The other dcf would go up like $12/wk.
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