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springv 07:10 PM 10-10-2019
Hey guys,
Quick question, We have after school care at our center and we take kindergarten through sixth grade, what would you do if a child hit another child deliberately? (These 2 kids aggregate the living crap out of each other daily and mainly it's the oldest one aggravating the 10 year old). One is foster and the other isn't and we've talked to the mom but I felt like nothing was done
Josiegirl 02:38 AM 10-11-2019
As much as we'd like the parent to step in and teach/change their child's behavior, I feel it's completely our responsibility to deal with it while in our care. Parents aren't always on the same page as a caregiver is, so many times they leave it to us anyways.
I'd keep the 2 children separated, keep them focused on different activities. Or another thing you could try is teach them the 'kill 'em with kindness' technique. Keep asking each child what they could do for the other one that would be helpful, kind, nice, etc. Like adults, kids need to learn to get along with others and your kiddos are certainly old enough to start grasping that. Tell them, if they truly can not get along, then find someone or something else to do.
Cat Herder 05:13 AM 10-11-2019
I agree with Josie.

Time to shadow, separate, document and decide on a behavior plan.
springv 02:21 PM 10-11-2019
We will definately try that but we all think that the 11 year old may be going through puberty soon and that's the reason she's acting out because some days she's fine and others she's in the corner in tears
Unregistered 11:06 AM 10-16-2019
If it's a long term agravation you might have to let one go for it to finally disappate.
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