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maelb05 07:07 AM 04-25-2019
I have a 3 1/2 year old in care who about 3 months ago stopped drinking any liquids while here. She has never drank cows milk, not because of allergies, but because mom and dad think almond milk is "healthier". It took her a bit to adjust to drinking almond milk when she first started in my care at 15 months old, but she eventually was drinking it all the time here. Before she was in my care, she was solely drinking breastmilk. She has always refused almond milk at home because in DCG's words "it doesn't taste good at home". Then starting about 3 months ago, she refused to drink it here too. She will not drink water here either, so she goes all day refusing any liquid. I know she drinks juice and water at home, but I choose not to serve juice in my daycare and she won't drink water here.
Any ideas what could have brought this on?
I have tried asking DCG why she doesn't drink her milk here anymore and she told me because she likes the milk mom puts in her coffee better because it "tastes like ice cream". When I asked mom about it, mom said she adds skim milk to her coffee. Mom says she has offered DCG skim milk, but she wouldn't drink it.
Blackcat31 07:16 AM 04-25-2019
Does she appear to be dehydrated or to have trouble urinating or having a BM?

There probably isn't much you can do other than continuing to offer her liquid. She is old enough to refuse.

You can't force her but you can pay attention to her physical condition and if she appears to act dehydrated and/or have trouble using the bathroom, I'd have the parent pick up.

Otherwise, I think your role is to offer. You can't do much more as this seems to be a parent creating a picky eater (or rather drinker)
Ariana 02:15 PM 04-25-2019
I have a few kids like this and it is mostly because they drink a ton of milk at home.
Pestle 02:57 PM 04-25-2019
I have a camel. She pees maybe twice a day, in huge amounts, and also drinks maybe twice a day, in huge amounts. Can't be coaxed to drink at meals or snack but she does drink while we're playing outside.

"No I go peepee next week," she tells me at potty time.
knoxmomof2 08:26 AM 04-26-2019
The sweetened vanilla almond milk tastes like ice cream.... Maybe Mom's not telling you that's what they're serving at home? I don't know why she wouldn't, but who knows....

No tips, just keep offering water.
AmyKidsCo 01:01 PM 04-26-2019
I wouldn't worry about it, as long as she's not showing signs of dehydration. I have a 3 yr old who sometimes goes all day without eating anything because he doesn't like what we're having.
maelb05 07:02 AM 04-29-2019
She's definitely not dehydrated. She uses the bathroom about every hour and a half. It is surprising how often she goes considering she doesn't drink anything all day!
I will continue to offer her almond milk and water and see if she eventually starts drinking here again. I think she holds out for the juice at home.
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