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Old 02-01-2010, 09:54 AM
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Default No Sleeping, Crying, Eventually Puking!

I have a baby she was in my care when she was just a few weeks, but the dad is laid off during the winter months! We live in MN so she will be in my care from April - End of November! They are doing drop in care when he needs to plow snow!

She will NOT sleep, she cries and cries and cries, eventually resulting in puking all over everything! No matter how much I would love to snuggle and rock all the babies under my care to sleep I simply can't due to all of the other children I am caring for! No matter how much I try to console her, bounce her, rock her she just cries! I believe she is SOOOO tired and is really being bugged by all the noise, but I am unsure what to do! I can't have her getting this upset all the time, she is really disturbing everyone and it takes alot of time away from all the other children while I am trying to console her or clean up her puke messes from so much crying! The parents SAY they lay her down at home and she goes right to sleep! Hard to believe! She will do this for hours, just cry and cry and not sleep! She slept a total of 45 mins the other day, and that wasn't a consistent 45 mins, that is about 4-5 different nap times adding up to a total of 45 mins! She got here at 7am wasn't picked up until 5pm! She cried for about 4 hours off and on all through out the day and nothing I do helps her!! She eventually gets so tired out from crying she does fall asleep but it is 10 mins here, 10 mins there! Not very functional in a daycare setting!

When I first had her she did the same thing, she slept a little bit longer, but she was a 6 wk old baby!! The noise didn't seem to bother her as much when she was younger, but now that she has been at home with dad she is having a horrible time on days she is here! Right now it is a drop in thing and managable, but I am scared to take her back in April!! Any advice! I have talked to the parents and filled them in play by play of our days! They just say little stinker, she sleeps good at home! On days she is in my care all day they pick her up at 5pm, she falls asleep on the way home and sleeps through the night and sleeps in the next day! She is their first child and I am sure their house is extremely quiet being that it is just the 3 of them! But she isn't even sleeping during naptime here when it is completely quiet here, so that leaves me to think it isn't all in the noise of things!!

Well I am just looking for any advice you can give me on how to make her and my and all the other kids transition in April a little easier when she comes back full time to my house! THANKS : )
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Old 02-01-2010, 04:08 PM
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Default reply

From my experience doing a "times vary" or a :drop in time" does not work well with some infants. My suggestion would be to have a "set time" and days that this baby is in your care so she will get to know your schedule. My kids don't tell time but they know the schedule and the babies respond to the different noises and smell in the enviroment. Sounds like she may have some hearing or sensory issues as well. Her parents might want to see if she reacts this way to noise at their home or some place else. It could be the "drop in time" she may not know when she is coming or going if it is at varied times. If you can't get a set time I would try to get a schedule very consistent with the parents.

Good luck
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crying, puking, vomiting

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