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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Possibly Diabetes or Sensory Issue?
Baby Beluga 06:16 AM 08-21-2015
I have a two year old DCB in my care who I am a little concerned about. I plan on talking to mom but want to talk to you all prior to doing so.

DCB is 2 years 2 months old and was born addicted to meth. He has faced some challenges (stunted growth, sensory issues, was on thickener for fluids and is behind on speech) but overall is doing wonderful. I mention the addiction because I have read that children born addicted to meth are at a greater risk for diabetes.

When DCB first started mom said he has sensory issues and to make sure not to overfeed him. At first he would not eat all that was on his plate (especially veggies). Now he is eating veggies and seconds on food. What is concerning me is his fluid intake though. Over the past couple of months DCB will drink approx four 12 ounce cups of water plus 6 ounces of milk between the hours of 7am and 4pm. His diaper is constantly wet and during nap and bed times we are having to put a large night time pull up OVER a night time diaper just to keep him from leaking onto his clothes. Mom said they change bed sheets every morning now.

What are your thoughts on this? Think he is drinking to fulfill his sensory needs or since this is fairly recent do you think it may be diabetes?
mamamanda 09:56 AM 08-21-2015
I'd recommend taking him to the Dr. Too tricky to try & make a judgement call on something like that. If its a concern I'd want him to be checked out & cleared by a Dr just to be sure.
finsup 06:07 PM 08-21-2015
My kids both drink a ton (I was worried about diabetes at first too as it runs on my husband's side of the family). For them though, its just normal. Given this kiddo's history, I'd recommend a doctor checking him out too. If you think you can get mom to comply with that. Could be nothing, but, well, better to get it checked out and find out for sure just in case.
Unregistered 06:30 PM 08-21-2015
I would look up diabetes insipidus and type 1 diabetes and try to find somewhere where it says how many ounces they have to drink before they consider it diabetes.

If there is increased thirst and frequency that is a sign of diabetes though so I would definately recommend seeing a doctor.
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