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bwalton 10:29 AM 11-07-2010
I received a bill for childcare services 18 months after we pulled our children out of the daycare center. When we withdrew them, we were told that our account was up to date, and we did not owe anything. The center had our phone numbers and our new address, and we never were informed of fees owed. We are now receiving a bill and late fees from march of 2009. We even received an end of the year fees paid from them when it was time to do taxes at the beginning of the year, and nothing was mentioned we owed anything. Do I have any rights? Do I have to pay this?help!!
Unregistered 01:21 PM 11-07-2010
You should contact the provider and double check this late billing. It may be that it is a simple mistake in billing and should be billed to another client altogether. And if this is not the case, then they should give you a good explanation.
Abigail 02:41 PM 11-07-2010
I wouldn't beat around the bush on this. If you live in the same city, just walk right in with the paper and ask to speak to the manager. Don't get all worked up because it COULD be a mistake. If they claim it is not when you show them the paper, then go home and get your papers showing proof that you were up to date. How much is the bill for? Does it have all your childrens name on it and an explanation for the dates you are being billed?
bwalton 02:52 PM 11-07-2010
The bill was for $344 plus $20 in late fees. They started charging us late fees when they sent the first invoice last month. I have left several messages for their account personand have received no call back. I don't live near the facility anymore, so I can't stop in. They just sent another bill as well. I don't have any of the paperwork from when we left, just the last 2 checks we wrote that were cashed.
MyAngels 04:43 AM 11-08-2010
Personally, since you don't live near the center now, I would send a letter to them, certified mail, return receipt requested, disputing that you owe this amount, and why you feel this way. I would request that they send you, in writing, exactly why they feel you owe this amount, and that until they provide this information you have no intention of paying the bill. I would also let them know that, unless they can provide documentation as to why you owe this amount, you are prepared to fight any efforts they might make to collect it. This puts you on record as disputing the bill in case they ever escalate it. If they respond, and you realize you actually owe it, pay it. If they can't provide proof that you owe it, having everything in writing will help you if they ever decide to pursue collection efforts.
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