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countrymom 06:32 AM 11-19-2010
I don't understand why, when a child is 2.5yrs old that parents think that their child needs a 1liter of milk. You remember about the sand eating boy I posted about, well as of last week he was digging the sand out of the ground and eating it. So I'm still cleaning sand out of poop. Well yesterday, he shows up and I don't think dad changed him, (he came at 10am) well about 1145am, I go and start setting up for lunch and find him walking funny. I ask him if he pooped (he always tells me, thats what I found weird) well his diaper was so loaded with pee, that it tells me that he came like that and that it was filled with diarrhea (that was fresh)
so I tell mom, that from the diaper hanging it rubbed against his leg, so its a bit red. BUT get this, I'm telling her that he doesn't drink very much here, I'm talking if he takes 5 sips of a drink all day. Well the minute he comes home, she gives him a large (she showed me and its equal to a large bottle) of milk, and by the time he goes to sleep, 4 hours later he has drank 1 litre if not more of milk. I told her that its not good, its acually really bad. You know what she said, "well he cries and screams if he doesn't get milk" I told her to let him cry. She also said that he gets up 4 times a night soaking wet, that he is now requiring full clothing and bed changes. Guys, this is not even normal. I know that in this house they let him rule the roost, they really lack in parenting skills (brother is globally delayed, both parents have issues) oh and mom said that when he starts with diarrhea, it lasts a whole week (I started noticing this for a while because he was coming with tons of cornstarch in his diaper, always on mondays) I just keep telling her she needs to cut down on milk, I think he's also developing a sensitivity to milk, because the way he's drinking it (so much in such a short time) oh, he's not eating either, no fruit or vegs. anymore--doesn't matter which kind, nothing healthy anymore, I don't know, I think with all the sand eating I think he's sick.
sorry I just need to vent, dh doesn't want to listen anymore.
BentleysBands 06:40 AM 11-19-2010

he either has Pica OR just NO supervision from the parents so he thinks its normal to do at your house/elsewhere....
DCMomOf3 09:22 AM 11-19-2010
I was thinking PICA too. I hope this gets worked out.
SilverSabre25 09:33 AM 11-19-2010
pica was on my mind as well...not to mention a possible milk allergy/intolerance.

yikes. What an awful situation for that poor little guy.
Unregistered 06:45 AM 11-21-2010
At this point if she would refuse to get her child medical help YOU need to contact CPS on her this is neglect this poor baby luckly he has you who doesnt let him eat sand, run around in a 10 pound diaper, and drink liters of milk.
Abigail 11:13 PM 11-21-2010
What is PICA?
BentleysBands 05:21 AM 11-22-2010
Originally Posted by Abigail:
What is PICA?
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