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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Mad Termed Mom Won't Come To Sign Subsidy Time Sheet
My4SunshineGirlsNY 05:21 PM 02-22-2011
My previous post I stated I just termmed my 2 year 3 month daycare boy who was hitting/throwing at the kids constantly and has hit/thrown at me many many times, everything was excessive with this boy.

Through Email the mom told me the boys grandma will be by to get his things on Thurs. evening. I told the mom she needs to come pick up the things because I need the Feb. time sheet signed for the Subsidy payment. She then told me that I could send it with the grandma and she would send it back and was being all high and mighty telling me there is still plenty of time, ect. Well since she was also saying other rude things and I have been nothing but nice, I decided I wasn't going to be nice anymore and I told her that my time sheet will stay here and if she can't come to sign it herself then I would call the state to see what I need to do.

I guess I'll call tomorrow, but do I absolutely need her signature to get paid? I am in NY state. I was getting subsidy for my youngest daughter before I opened my daycare and I never once signed a sheet for my provider, but it was a daycare center so I am not sure if that works differently.
Michelle 06:46 PM 02-22-2011
where we live (Ca.) we don't have to get the signature if the parents refuse we just have to attach a note to the time sheet and call them to let them know
missnikki 06:30 AM 02-23-2011
In California, you just attach an explanation signed by you, with any records of attendance.

After that, she will likely not be receiving subsidized care for a little while, They tend to frown on those shenanigans.
AnythingsPossible 06:32 AM 02-23-2011
I had this happen once too. I called the agency that handles the payments, told them the situation and they said to just attach a note stating that the parent refused to sign due to termination. Just call whoever handles your subsidy payments and let them know what happened. It should be fine.
My4SunshineGirlsNY 06:40 AM 02-23-2011
Thanks ladies...I called and the lady said just that...attach a reason why the papers are not signed, then she said her manager would try to contact the parent to compare times. My only issue with this is, would if the mom tries to be a jerk and say I didn't have her son on a certain day when I did, or lies about the amount of hours (because the grandma claims hours for watching the boy too).

I keep strict records and know the exact hours I had him, but I don't do a sign in/sign out sheet...I keep track would if it's my word against hers? Who will they side with?
missnikki 06:53 AM 02-23-2011
That depends on how credible she's been in the past. If she has a history of behaving this way, I wouldn't worry too much. Let the chips fall, and revisit anything that you didn't get paid for once that happens.
gbcc 11:51 AM 02-23-2011
Does your contract have days and hours? If so that would be sufficient for your proof.
grandmom 04:33 PM 02-23-2011
Compare this month to the last 2 months and see if there are any red flags. ?Then you can let the agency know your concern about this issue too.

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