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tulip1969 08:38 AM 05-19-2011
I have had this 2 year old DCB for the past year and he has always had a terrible cough. In the bginning of the year they were told by their doctor that it was from reflux. They put him on medication and he seemed a little better. The past few months he has been coughing more. Yesterday he was coughing and gasping to the point he threw up some of his lunch. He also has very disruptive naps due to his coughing. Anyway, the dad told me at pick-up that the dr. said he has a murmur and a hole in his heart. The dad said they will take care of it after their new baby is born. The baby is due in August and I can not get the thoughts out of my mind that A) He should be treated more quickly and b) selfish as it might seem that God forbid something happens while he is in my care. Does anyone have any experiences they can share or some reassurance for me that this is not as serious as it sounds.
youretooloud 08:50 AM 05-19-2011
Some are serious, some are not. If this was more serious, I think they'd be more alarmed and tell you about all the details.

I have one child with a heart defect and I know all the details. I have the details taped inside a kitchen cupboard just in case something were to happen here.

I would suggest looking it up online to see what you can learn. My cousin had a hole in his heart (he's 50 now) and they repaired it in the 60s. I don't remember anybody saying he had a chronic cough.
dEHmom 08:57 AM 05-19-2011
my dad is 63 years old. he was told he had a murmer his whole life since birth. when the docs were doing a bypass about a month ago, they discovered it was due to a hole in his heart. he lived 63 years with it. some people have them and never know it.
Cat Herder 10:57 AM 05-19-2011
I have this defect in my daycare many times. The main risk is pneumonia since the contractile force and elasticity of the heart is effected leading to fluid backup in the lungs.

Be diligent with your illness policy, keep things clean, elevate his head/chest during nap, limit his exposure to air fresheners/dust/pollen and you should be just fine.

If there was a immediate threat the parents would not have been consulted with options. I would not worry much more about it.

My daycare kids and I have a deal... I don't tell them they are sick, they don't act like it.
Meeko 12:11 PM 05-19-2011
My 16 year old daughter was born with defective heart valve (bi-cuspid aortic stenosis) and two holes in her heart. I went into full on panic when I found out, but they actually just watched her closely and by 6 months old, the holes had closed. She still has regular check ups for the murmur, but no restrictions within reason.

If the docs were worried...they would have scheduled the child for surgery immediately. You don't play around with a heart defect.

I would maybe make sure your health/transportation policy is rock solid. Just in case anything were to happen in your care, you need full information on the diagnosis to tell paramedics and full permission from the parents to allow necessary treatment and ambulance transport in case they cannot be contacted.
MamaBear 12:14 PM 05-19-2011
I was born with a hole in my heart and was found pretty early on. Still had it when I was about 4 years old and then it closed up on its on by the time I was 5. It scared the crap out of my parents but I dont recall it causing me any problems.
Unregistered 02:27 AM 06-07-2011
I'm still going strong after 50 years I had my op when I was 10 years old in Norwich Uk God will bless you he bless my life every day.
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