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Unregistered 04:09 PM 02-06-2008
My daughter is 4 and will not drink milk@ home I make sure that she receives the needed vitamins. One day The Director approached me stating by law she must drink milk or I will need to obtain a note from her Pediatrician.
Kindly provide me with your feed back or if it a law unable to find the answer.

Michael 06:38 PM 02-06-2008
You can ask the facility, in writing and with a physician’s note, not to feed your child milk.

Ensuring that each child’s daily nutritional needs are met requires that food servings during every meal and snack adhere to all components of the USDA Meal Guidelines for Children Ages 1-12. Programs should supplement any lunches and snacks brought from home, providing additional foods as necessary to make up for any missing USDA Meal Guidelines component. Milk should be a component of each meal. Programs should ask for a physician’s note if a family requests that no milk or a milk-based substitute be given to their child.
Unregistered 05:05 PM 02-09-2008
I believe that milk must be provided. If the child does not drink it, it can not be forced upon the child.
Unregistered 07:49 PM 07-22-2008
It's the same in MN as well-just get a note from your doctor-saying you don't want her to have it- :-) I hate milk myself-and it's hard to feed it to the kids. I don't believe the way our milk is processed now-is GOOD FOR US-check this out you might stop drinking it as well-good luck-
Betty 08:01 PM 07-22-2008
I would agree with you on pasturized milk but if you can get RAW milk, straight from the farm, that would be the perfect food. Our kids have been drinking it RAW since birth and they hardly ever get sick if ever. They love the stuff. RAW cheese too!
pingaa3 06:09 PM 07-23-2008
food program requires you to serve milk at breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can waive this requirement with a doctor's note. Also they/we cannot force your child to drink/eat anything.
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