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Country Kids 07:41 AM 05-16-2012
This has been a rough year regarding my youngests school with activities.

The first one happened at Christmas time when I took time off to attend the Christmas party and a holiday lunch the school was having. Well the teachers decided to have the parties the day before the lunch! Well, I ended up having to take all the kids to the party and having the day off for the lunch but the party was very hard because they are during naptime.

Second time my son was suppose to preform during an assembly with his musical instrument. He had been practicing every day and was so excited for me to see him. Well I took the afternoon off so that I could go see him and at the last minute they changed it to the next week! My parents were great and switched with no problems but still!

Third instance is the school carival which happens after work but another change. School carnival scheduled for months! Two weeks before the principal cancells it till next fall!!!! Reason being that everyone is so busy this time of year they feel doing it next fall will be better. MMMmmm, I will have less money due to back to school expenses and less time due to trying to get down a new school routine.

Fourth and last instance as of last night was a field trip date change. Last month we were informed there would be 3 field trips this month! My daughter said she would help me by subbing for one as she would be out of school that day. Let my parents know and get everything set up for the day and such. Well yesterday they sent a note home saying the field trip has been changed to the day after the day it was origianally set for! I was furious and my son was in tears because he knows right away I can't go. My daughter can't help that day because she has graduation practice and we are setting up for her graduation party in the afternoon. I am taking 1/2 a day off that day to set up for my daughters graduation party. I sent the teacher an e-mail and let them know how upset I was about this change and how working parents can't just change everytime the school wants to change things.

My question is would you contact the principle and let her know that this is becoming too much of a habit for the school changing dates of activities. If they want parents to help they need to stick to original plans. I just can't believe it happened four times this year.

I would take the whole day off and just go to part of his field trip but I had some parents complain that I took of way to much sick time this year. Forgive me for being sick because every child kept bringing the flu in! One of hte parents though has taken three more sick days for their family though and two personal days!!! I bit my tounge though and didn't say anything.

Thanks for any suggestions you have with this matter.
JenNJ 08:26 AM 05-16-2012
I would complain after the first incident. It is poor planning and notification. It is not fair to the students or parents. Speak with the principal immediately.
momofboys 08:33 AM 05-16-2012
I would definitely let your opinions/thoughts be known! I have had similar things happen & it is annoying. I would just make sure you are calm when you do so - it sounds like you have some anger that's built up b/c of all these last-minute changes that have ocurred & you have a right to be angry. Let the principal know how much of an inconvenience making the changes is. If they want parents' participation they need to stick with the originally-planned dates. I'm sorry for you! Sending you a hug!~
cheerfuldom 09:01 AM 05-16-2012
A respectful letter or conversation with the teacher or principal is in order at this point.
MarinaVanessa 09:10 AM 05-16-2012
Originally Posted by cheerfuldom:
A respectful letter or conversation with the teacher or principal is in order at this point.
Yes this, just call and express your dissapointment at not being able to attend these functions because the school continuously makes changes. Just let them know that you don't have the luxury of being able to switch days off because for you, asking for one day off affects multiple families. Ask him to keep this in mind the next time that a function is moved with short notice.
AfterSchoolMom 09:12 AM 05-16-2012
I definitely think the school needs to know - and I bet that you're not the only parent who feels this way.

Have they given reasons for moving all of these dates? I could see that happening maybe once, but four times or more in one school year is excessive.
countrymom 10:00 AM 05-16-2012
yes, you need to complain. we get 2 days notice, how am I suppose to go on a field trip with 2 days notice.
permanentvacation 10:24 AM 05-16-2012
I have had my children in schools in 3 different states due to moving. My older daughter went from pre-k through high school and my younger daughter started in pre-k and is now in 8th grade. NONE of their schools have EVER changed or canceled any event!

WOW! I would be totally ticked off if I were you. It is confusing and upsetting to the children to have them practice for a performance or get excited for an event and then the adults that they trust and are expected to show respect to daily constantly change things and let them down. It is teaching the children not to believe or trust the adults and establisments in their lives. It is also extremely rude and disrespectful of the parents' time and schedules. It also makes the parents lose trust in the school. I honestly don't think they are going to change their ways just because you fuss with them. However, you might want to write a letter to the principal and the board of education and go in person to discuss things with the principal and maybe the board of ed. as well.
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