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SilverSabre25 07:52 AM 08-07-2012
Anyone want to share your best stress-busting tips? Especially simple things you do during the day that help relieve your stress and relax you.
Blackcat31 07:55 AM 08-07-2012
I am an Angry Bird addict.

I play at nap time and sometimes when we are all outside.

I also make a huge point of leaving my work at work.

Come closing time, my mind and thoughts are closed to work and anything related.

It is a learning curve and you definitely have to train yourself to be in that mind frame but it works for me and can be my saving grace at times.
Crystal 08:09 AM 08-07-2012
hiking with my dogs
turning the music on and DANCING...with or without the kids
turning on classical music, dimming the lights, closing my eyes and just BEING.

Lots of stuff.

But, my new love is Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Hubby, son and I are going after work today to the lake....they are taking the kayaks, I am taking the SUP. There is nothing like the feeling of gliding across the water while standing feels like walking on water and is SO relaxing.
Crystal 08:29 AM 08-07-2012
Re. simple things during the day....

a cup of coffee on the deck with a magazine/article or good book during naptime

the classical music with dimmed lights is something I do with the kids when it gets too loud in the atmosphere

dancing is something I do with the kids too....and no, not always to "their" music

deep breathing exercises

SINGING..........REALLY LOUD!!!!!!

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