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Country Kids 01:12 PM 10-11-2012
I was just wondering if everyone here has a unique enough childcare name that no one is confused with it.

If a parent types in your childcare name does only yours show up or is there alot with the same name.

I typed in mine and oh my goodness-there were pages close to mine but not mine spot on. The only thing that worries me is there are like 3-4 here in town close to mine and I always worry that if parents here something bad about that childcare they may think its mine. Parents that aren't with me.

With facebook and all I wonder if parents have a hard time searching for the correct childcare they are looking for.
Kimberli 01:45 PM 10-11-2012
I actually just found one the other day used my name, which is
very original (except mine says 'day care' and theirs says 'child care'.) and they copied and pasted excerpts from my website and my policy handbook as well.

Not sure what I need/want to do about the situation, if anything. It is really frustrating, though.
Willow 01:53 PM 10-11-2012
I thought I was being really creative when I came up with mine, but I am 7th down my google list, one of which is right here in MN (3 are repeats of the same daycare though, just listed on different on different sites like manta and local yahoo)

At least it's not super close by, and they don't have their own website as far as I can see :P

The rest few and far between and all out of state quite a ways away like PA and CA.
spud912 01:56 PM 10-11-2012
Mine WAS unique to my city, but recently someone popped up with the exact same name. Seriously, why couldn't they be a little more unique!!
Meeko 02:42 PM 10-11-2012
I have always registered my business with the state. That way, nobody can use my name. About 15 years ago, a provider opened with the same name. I called her and told her she could not use the same name and she basically told me to shove it. She backtracked real fast when I told her the name was registered.
littlemissmuffet 02:52 PM 10-11-2012
Mine is only used by me... in my area and across the board. Nothing else, thankfully, comes up!!

I would absolutely DREAD having my name associated with another childcare! I pride myself on word of mouth, really excellent references, extremely positive feedback... and to have years worth of establishing myself as a successful childcare become ruined because another childcare with the same (or even similar) name as mine had a poor/mediocore reputation - that would completely devistate me.

I think if I found someone else was using my name, I would go through all the hard work of changing my daycare name to something new to avoid potential issues.
Blackcat31 03:24 PM 10-11-2012
Mine is also unique as I use my own name in the title but my name is not very common with people.

Although it has become a lot more common in recent years, just not so much with folks my age.
daycare 03:27 PM 10-11-2012
my DBA is very unique to my state. I did find one in another state.

I do see a lot of little sunshine or busy bee daycare...
littlemissmuffet 04:17 PM 10-11-2012
Originally Posted by daycare:
my DBA is very unique to my state. I did find one in another state.

I do see a lot of little sunshine or busy bee daycare...
That's funny, daycare - I provide a part-time/casual service under the name busy bees. It's completely unassociated with my daycare though.
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