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busymommy0420 11:30 AM 04-11-2013
This was an Ad on my local Craig's List!!!! I loved it and wanted to share.

Childcare delema of the meaning (Does it matter?)

Once upon a time I use bring my kids to childcare and I cant help myself but wonder if I knew the meaning.
I would get up at 5:00 a.m., have my coffee, get myself ready for work, throw a load of laundry in, wake the kids up,(3 of them) get them dressed, hair brushed etc and off to breakfast. Sink half filled with water and the dishes would be thrown in for the evening. (my lazy part)
Get the kids in the car and drop off at 7:30 to the sitters (that's what they were called back then) and off to work, to be there by 8.
Get out of work between 4:30 and 5:00 and go directly to the sitters and pick the kids up. then maybe I would stop at the store, go home,
in the door, latest 6 and start dinner, dishes, baths, homework, bedtime.
Didn't seem that hard to do and yes there were times I would crash by 9;30, but, that's life and the life I chose to have.
Now, I am the sitter (oops childcare provider) and I go to my door to have children arrive and no hair brushed, pj's at times, never fed, soaked diapers because QUOTE! I pulled him out of bed and threw him in the car. So, he needs to be changed and a bottle still.
She hasn't eaten, here are her clothes and I know her har looks like Helen Keller, but I'm running late.
PICK UP! Sorry I am late I had to get gas and stop at the store to get dinner. then I forgot my card at home so I had to run home, grab that and get back to the store to pay them. All along I stand there with my arms crossed wondering to myself, SELF? Do I give a rats ass why you are an hr late getting here? Would I have been happier if your dumb ass had remembered your card? No, actually, I am standing here looking at you wondering why the hell you didn't come straight here to get your kids to begin with and I wouldn't have to be standing here listening to your lame excuses. I also wonder, are your kids that bad that you cant bring them? because right now, my family is looking at me, looking at you wondering why do I still have other peoples kids on THEIR TIME! I don't get pd overtime. I know I am not looking to have more children. The last I checked you were the mom and I was the sitter.(oops) Why is it my job to be their parent?
I thought a childcare provider was to care for your children while you were at work.
I also wonder what the difference is between me and your 1st grader's teacher is.
Would you drop her off undressed, unbrushed hair, teeth not brushed?
Do you think I do not have other children I have to care for?
What in God's name is wrong with the younger parents today? We didn't raise you like that, so where did this come from?
Bottom line!
School, childcare, have your children arrive ready and prepared to start the day.
Be on time at drop off and pick up.
Stores do allow children
We also have a family that we would like to see.
If that doesn't help you understand..........................go find a nanny!
Thank you and yes, I do feel much better.
Country Kids 11:37 AM 04-11-2013
"What in God's name is wrong with the younger parents today? We didn't raise you like that, so where did this come from?"


Where did it come from, who said this is the norm, and when did society start doing this?

How did it go from her previous comments (on how she did it) to the parents fo today? The previous generation did not teach them this so where did it go wrong?

Who is to blame-society, polictical people, the schools, employers,the previous generaton, just who is to blame?

There has to be an answer!
Kaddidle Care 11:49 AM 04-11-2013
When your style/level of parenting is this different from your clients', it's time to send them packing.

Where did it come from? The "entitled" society of course.

The more people work to buy "STUFF" and the less they care for their own children, the worse it will be. We're talking generations that have been using childcare now. The parent of this parent never taught her basic manners and empathy because she was shipped off to Daycare. Now this child has a child that will never be taught.

Courtesy? Manners? Thinking of others first? History babe!
HomeMADE 12:03 PM 04-11-2013
Umm, are you reading my mind!!!!

I paid on time and when I forgot, which I have. I go get my kids then tell her I am running to the ATM or grocery store to get her money. I would be pissed if my boss came to me on payday and said, can I pay you Monday? I would kindly say NO!

Its a shame. But parents like this are helping me build my back bone, shoot I am down right mean sometimes, I no longer sugar coat and do not settle!!! I enforce all rules for everyone. If you are late paying me you owe me extra. If you pick up your child late you owe me extra. If your child comes unprepared I do not comb hair or change clothes (anymore), so you can change her before you leave or she will participate in what she has on. And if it happens often I will term you.
MNMum 12:09 PM 04-11-2013
I love this!
jenn 12:13 PM 04-11-2013

As a former teacher though, I can tell you that many arrive to school in the same condition. Yesterday's clothes, stinky breath and bodies, hair not combed (or full of lice),...
Oneluckymom 01:01 PM 04-11-2013
Loved it ! Thank goodness I don't have to deal with this! I'm sorry for you other providers that have or had parents this self entitled !
preschoolteacher 05:27 PM 04-11-2013
I can just hear this woman's voice coming through in her writing. Whoever wrote this has a LOUD character! She sounds hilarious. It made me laugh.
cheerfuldom 07:09 PM 04-11-2013
its such a shame.

but i do know many parents that are very involved and concerned. their kids are generally tidy and prepared and well cared for and loved. unfortunately we provides see and hear the worst of it a lot of the time. its hard not to get jaded.
blandino 07:17 PM 04-11-2013
I am lucky that I don't run into this often especially with my current clients ,but when I have in the past.

Do you ever just want to say to parents, "yes, it is hard, but it isn't THAT hard". Think of what any one of us DCPs does in JUST ONE day, and you are telling me that you can't manage to get clothes & shoes on your 2 year old. Today I made 9 breakfasts, 11 lunches, changed at minimum 15 diapers, washed 11 little faces and hands 3x after meals, got 11 kids ready and dressed to go outside, and the list goes on and on... and you are telling me you couldn't get your one child dressed.
mama0609 08:42 PM 04-11-2013
I am a "younger generation mom" the short time my kids were in daycare I most certainly had them ready for the day, on time and I always rushed home from work to get them. I missed them and needed much more time than a measly 3 hrs a day. Which is why I am SAH now. I do not understand this new "trend" at all. I guess I'm just more traditional in that sense.

And I totally giggled at "Children are allowed in stores."
countrymom 07:16 AM 04-12-2013
this was so funny, but so true. I think people are having kids because they are using them as trophies. They don't care about their kids, its all about the prize.
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