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permanentvacation 01:39 PM 02-24-2015
Can anyone explain this to me? Is it a curriculum we purchase? Is is just guidelines of what the kids need to know, but we have to figure out how to teach them that information?

I already use MMSR Maryland Model for School Readiness which is just a list ( a very long list) of the concepts the children need to learn. But it doesn't tell us how to teach those concepts. For example, in reading, it says that children need to be able to distinguish sounds from words. But doesn't tell us how to teach them that concept. We have to use other actual curriculum books, our own bright little minds, and other resources to figure out how to teach the concepts to the children.

I researched Ready for Kindergarten online. It says it builds on MMSR, but I can't figure out if it's a curriculum we buy, or just that it's telling us to keep a portfolio of the kids' work related to MMSR, or what. I'm confused as to exactly what Ready for Kindergarten is.
permanentvacation 01:51 PM 02-24-2015
Is it a combination of using the MMSR (Maryland Model for School Readiness), creating a portfolio of children's work related to the MMSR, and doing an evaluation related to it, the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment?
permanentvacation 02:38 PM 02-24-2015
It wouldn't be the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment, it would be something like the Ages and Stages Assessment. Am I right?
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