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Unregistered 05:07 AM 03-26-2008
I live in Florida and I am interested in a SMALL home daycare, 4 maybe 5 kids. Do I still need to get state approved and follow the Florida Licensing Standards? Do I need to do the 30-clock-hour Family Child Care Home training?
Michael 10:03 AM 03-28-2008
Yes, Please see your State's Standards at:

Ratio For Small Family Child Care

Maximum Number of Children to One Provider:10:1 If 5 preschool with 2 under 1-yr
6:1 Preschool if none under 1-yr
6:1 With 3 under 1-yr
4:1 If all under 1-yr
Provider's Own Children Counted:Yes; If under age 13Maximum Number of Infants/Toddlers to One Provider:4:1 Under 1-yr

Child Care Licensing Agency
Florida Department of Children & Families
1317 Winewood Boulevard
Building 1, Room 202
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0700
Phone: (850) 487-1111
Fax: (850) 922-2993

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