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JenNJ 08:25 AM 03-06-2012
I am trying to think of an alternative for a bulletin board since I do not want to use pushpins in the daycare room. A magnetic board will not work either since I am reluctant to have magnets in the room as well.

Any ideas?
cheerfuldom 08:38 AM 03-06-2012
What about a ribbon board?

What are you wanting to do with the board? Hang art work? parent notices? daily info (meaning you need to change it often)?

something like this?,r:0,s:0

something like this?

Solandia 11:12 AM 03-06-2012
I tape all my notices by my front door. I also have a wall of pictures of past an present daycare kids and all ages and stages, that the kids can look at (and touch). Just laminated and taped to the wall.
MrsB 11:15 AM 03-06-2012
I use double-sided tape. Not ideal but better than push pins.

I have one at the front door with push pins for parent notices and such that is out of the reach of children. The one in the playroom for kids stuff I use double sided tape.
Crazy8 11:18 AM 03-06-2012
Guess it really depends on what you want to use it for. I used to have a regular cork bulletin board that I hot glued little clips onto that I could slide papers into to avoid the use of pushpins. I like to use dry erase boards now because of the versatility - I can write quick things on them with marker, can tape printed notices to them, can use magnets, or again, glue clips onto them.
meganlavonnesmommy 06:58 PM 03-06-2012
I laminate my stuff, and use 3m stickys to stick it to the wall. Then boarder it with colorful bulletin board stuff to make it look kid friendly.
For the things I want on the wall that I change, like a weekly lesson plan and weekly menu, I use pocket folders, and stick that to the wall. Then just change out the paper each week.
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