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kcnjason 03:26 PM 06-12-2011
I am a small home daycare and my niece is coming to visit for the summer and is planning to help me out. She is a senior this year and never has really worked a "job" throughout summer vacation other than helping me out when I have needed. I could use her help this summer and she is planning to help me out. I am thinking that I should make up a job description and show her a copy of our schedule/agenda for the summer. I allow a small amount of tv, usually during rest time. I would like her to go by my rules and help out as if this was a REAL job for her. The only time that is my "free" time is during rest time, which is usually from 130-230ish. At that time she can go on the computer, or whatever she likes to do on "her" time. Does anyone have helpers? Do you make out a job description? How do they know what they are needed to do every day? I need some ideas as I have actually never put someone to work
nannyde 05:04 PM 06-12-2011

If you allow it at all (except for when she is completely off the clock) it will be an issue.
Abigail 08:24 PM 06-12-2011
I agree about the phone usage. Don't allow cell phones to be used until she is done. I would write down your general duties where "help would be nice" like: diapering, helping with crafts, reading books during story time, putting plates of food on the table, helping with shoes/jackets and going on walks, etc. Ask if she is comfortable with everything and go from there.
Unregistered 06:40 AM 06-14-2011
I also agree about the no cell phones. And believe me, teens act as if cells are a necessity to live (like air and water). We had a few young helpers and our director was lax when it came to setting up the rules. We found out that one girl was taking photos of the children whenever they did something cute and putting them on her facebook page. She didn't mean any harm... she just didn't have a clue that this was a big no-no.
GretasLittleFriends 09:26 AM 06-14-2011
You may need to check your regs/rules. My teen helpers are NOT allowed to change diapers. I do have my teenage dd change my own dd (1) diaper, but she's not allowed to change dc kids diapers.
dEHmom 09:34 AM 06-14-2011
i think in the job description you should also make note that she will be required to do this WITHOUT being told and helped along.

when i was on bedrest with my last pregnancy, my cousin/sister (we are very close like sisters, but not related) came down lived with us to help out. I found that I did more work having her here. She really only did stuff if I ASKED her to, and I would sit here some days and be like, the kids should eat hour later....the kids need lunch...

she would use my car to go out of town in the evenings when my dh got home, and would stay out till 4 am (she was an adult, I am not her mother) and then sleep till noon. Jump in the shower for an hour, put on makeup, do her hair for another hour, sit on the couch/computer for another 2 hours, redo her makeup and leave to go out shopping etc. it drove me biserk and i started taking it out on the kids and dh, which wasn't fair. but i was really limited to moving around because I had placental previa and abruption and a blood clot. we arranged a bday party for my ds before she left so she could help out, she didn't get off her butt the entire time. i did most of the work, and the next day i went into premature labour almost 2 months early.

I find that helpers often become another person to look after. So make sure she clearly understands her responsibilities BEFORE she comes to help out. You don't need anyone else to look after.
cheerfuldom 09:57 AM 06-14-2011
some checklists of duties to be completed each day and a schedule of what needs to be done at what time would help. there are a lot of people that just don't have any common sense or show any initiative. be prepared to micromanage especially if she has never cared for kids before. its likely that you will have to teach everything from changing a diaper and whatnot
MarinaVanessa 03:23 PM 06-15-2011
This is a contract for an assistant. You can probably modify it for her and even take out the part where she signs if you don't want an actual contract. You can give it to her to read before she decides she wants to come over.

Employee / Provider Contract
I have read the Childcare Handbook and agree to comply with all policies and procedures.
I understand that in addition to these policies, the following is also expected:
To arrive ready to work at my scheduled time and be prepared to stay until my shift is over.
If there are not enough children present to warrant an assistant I will be asked to sign out early.
I will receive a minimum of 1 hour pay for each scheduled day, even if the provider does not have enough work for me to stay 1 hour.
oAssist with infant feedings and diaper changes.
oPrepare meals as directed.
oAssist with clean up duties and proper sanitation.
oAssist with field trips (i.e. library, school playground, neighborhood walks).
oAssist with preparation of daily crafts and activities and supervise these times as directed.
oKeep all client information confidential.
oWear child friendly clothing and accessories.
oPersonal communication needs to be done before/after work when possible.
oAny reporting of accidents/incidents to parents needs to be documented appropriately.
oIf I leave and begin working at another childcare or open my own child care within 1 year of my last day of employment, I will be required to reimburse the provider for all training paid for on my behalf. In the case that I would open my own child care after termination of employment, I agree not to enroll any client of [daycare] for a period of 1 year without prior approval of the licensed provider.
My starting wage will be ______/hour when assisting and ________/hour when providing substitute care. It is considered substitute care when the provider has left the property. If the provider is still on the premises and available upon request, that is considered assistant hours.
I will be required to complete training hours as required by the State. Training will be paid by the employer, provided that it is approved by the licensed provider prior to registration.

Employee Signature Date
____________________________ _______
Provider Signature Date
____________________________ _______

Its not mine but I copied and pasted the page on accident instead of the http and closed the window. I was trying to paste the link.
josephsmeadows 01:10 AM 03-13-2013

I think it is better to use phone instead of cell phones, you will get clear information about assistants job description when you visit our job descriptions website.

Thank you
Starburst 03:26 PM 03-13-2013
I would also mention to her or have it in her contract that she is not to gossip or discuss the daycare children/daycare families outside of daycare or to other daycare parents using names or anything that can single out a child because the child and the families have a right to privacy/confidentiality.

I would just make sure her phone is no in her possession (maybe in a cubby or by the house phone) so it is not tempting to use. Also I would let her know that she is not allowed to take pictures of the daycare kids (unless it is on the daycare's camera) and she is not allowed to post those pictures on facebook or send them to friends- at a daycare I used to work at some of the assistants or jr assistants would do this with their phone (not on facebook but save them and show them to friends- but sometimes just other daycare workers) but I thought it was unprofessional. That is also due to the families right to privacy.
Starburst 03:32 PM 03-13-2013
Originally Posted by GretasLittleFriends:
You may need to check your regs/rules. My teen helpers are NOT allowed to change diapers. I do have my teenage dd change my own dd (1) diaper, but she's not allowed to change dc kids diapers.
At the home daycare I used to work at she would allow some of the older junior helpers (the teen assistants) change a wet diaper (#1) but not a soiled diaper (#2)
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