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SunflowerMama 11:42 AM 06-15-2011
I had to post a picture because I think these came out so stinking cute! I was going to post on FB but then remembered that I have one dad in my group of "friends".

The kids painted ties and then put little fist footprints on the background piece. The poem is the walk a little slower one (I love it). After everything was together I laminated it. We're also tie dying t-shirts for all the dads tomorrow.

This is my daughter's...

momofthree 12:45 PM 06-15-2011
Cute. I have not start mine as yet I am thinking of copying this if you don't mind as all my kids are under 18 months.
Mom_of_two 09:48 AM 06-16-2011
very cute!!!
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