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Sunchimes 01:49 PM 11-22-2011
I was searching for a copy of the Toddler's Creed to print and frame, and I found this. Thought is suited the weather right now.
From this site:

Mary had a little cold, but wouldn't stay at home..
and every where that Mary went
The cold was sure to roam.
It wondered into Molly's eyes and filled them full of tears
It jumped from there to Bobby's nose and then to Jimmy's ears.
It painted Annie's throat bright red and swelled poor Little Johnny's head
Dora had a fever and a cough put Jack to bed
The moral of this little tale, is very quickly said
Mary could have saved a lot of pain
with just one day in bed!

~author unknown
wahmof3 02:03 PM 11-22-2011
ha putting this in my next newsletter!!!
Sprouts 04:59 PM 11-22-2011

Tags:illness, poems
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