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miracle7kids 07:02 PM 03-15-2012
hello iam new to this site i will be starting my daycare in my home soon in may i have a parent she has a 2 year old n 6 year old iam not sure what to charge her for both? The daycare will be provideing all meals , snacks iam just not sure do not want to charge to high then not to low please anyone help me out
Michael 12:09 AM 03-16-2012
Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.
MommieNana4 04:42 AM 03-16-2012
Welcome. You could call around to other providers in your area to find out what they charge. Ask friends that have children in care what they pay. You could check with your state/county childcare referral agency.

Keep reading this forum!!! It is very helpful!!!
Blackcat31 07:08 AM 03-16-2012
cheerfuldom 01:25 PM 03-16-2012
Dont forget to check your state laws and see if you are even allowed to care for children without a license.
Unregistered 01:31 PM 03-16-2012
Hello thanks well the parent did tell me a daycare center was going to charge 300 a we iwas thinking 180 because her two year old is in pampers still ek for both s it was high so i told her i wiuldnt charge that high of price "
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