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Unregistered 11:19 AM 04-21-2010
Hello All New Here.

I wanted to get more info about starting a daycare in NC. I reside in Statesville NC. Ive been a Social worker for quite sometime, and I feel that this is the direction Gods leading me in. I want to start a child care center.

I've heard many people say that owning a daycare is one of the easist businesses there is, is that true?

Are therre any type of programs, finance programs, ect. that can help me get started? I will bw attending the prelicensing workershop next week.

All advice is welcome!

Michael 03:57 PM 04-21-2010

North Carolina Daycare State Requirements

You should also consider registering.
Unregistered 08:55 AM 04-22-2010
I live in NC and Im not familiar with this workshop.....
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