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Elena's Family Childcare 10:02 AM 04-27-2010
Hello everyone!

Right now I live in Prescott Valley, Arizona. End of next month (May) my family and I are going to be relocating to Medford, Oregon. I was wondering if anyone out there knows a food program that maybe using the minute menu kids by any chance. If not any food program would be fine.

Also, would anyone know what the requirements are for Oregon on becoming a private home childcare. Here in AZ you need.. CPR class, background check, health and fire inspection yearly for the food program.

Thank you all for your input and help in advance. I appreciate it. Have a nice day!
grandmom 01:04 PM 04-27-2010
Maybe do a search for "food program" "USDA" and "Medford OR".

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.
tenderhearts 07:43 AM 04-28-2010
I live in Oregon, not near Medford but if you go to and under contact us select your county and it should provide you with the phone number in that area and they could tell you which food program for that area.
In Oregon state requirements is, a childcare overview class, cpr/first aide, child abuse & neglect, food handlers card, when those are completed they do the health and safety inspection and I do know there is a new law about doing daycare on a second story home. Here in the county I live they do what's called a "Super Saturday" and you can do cpr/first aide, child abuse & neglect and the food handlers but it's a very long day. Or you can do just the cpr/first aide then you can do the child abuse & neglect class online through Chemeketa college and you can do the food handlers online as well. Hope this helps
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