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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Sand Box or Sand Table?
SandeeAR 09:27 AM 09-15-2011
Which do you have? Which do you prefer? And why?

I have a sand table. Thinking about building a sand box. My own kids had a large sand box and loved it. Just want the pros and cons with daycare.

BTW, my kids right now are 22 mo, 18 mo, 13 mo, 5 mo.
sharlan 09:28 AM 09-15-2011
I would love a large sand box, but I have cats. They would love it too!

I have 2 cement mixing pans that I bought at Home Depot. They're set on a low table.
learn-n-grow 09:51 AM 09-15-2011
I have a sand table but I wanna find an alternative for sand since it gets everywhere and is hard to clean up. I haven't found anything yet though.
erinalexmom 10:15 AM 09-15-2011
I have a sandbox outside and I HATE it! My own kids have played in it for years with no real issues but these daycare kids get the sand everywhere! I would much prefer a table (outside) and then at least it wouldnt be in thier shoes where they track it into my house everyday.
snbauser 11:02 AM 09-15-2011
I love sandboxes for my own kids. Despise them for daycare kids. Too much sand in shoes, sand in diapers, sand in hair, etc. We have sand tables.
JennyBear 02:08 PM 09-15-2011
I have a sand table (now used for other sensory activities-pasta,cotton balls, rice,etc) and I have a big sand box (we basically just took out our grass from a 6x6 section and filled it with sand. The kids do love it-it's their one of the faves by far but it does bring sand into the house...mostly on their shoes which i bang off at the door when we come in. I dust each kid off before they enter as well which has helped, but you do find it in diapers and pockets.
It has it's pros and cons, that's for sure.
MamaBear 02:11 PM 09-15-2011
We have a sandbox but I hate the sand. I kick myself for ever getting that thing. Too messy!
Luna 02:17 PM 09-15-2011
We had both but we got rid of the sandbox this summer. It had a lid but we couldn't keep the earwigs and ants out of it. We've never had a problem with insects in the sand table.
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