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Unregistered 07:58 AM 01-14-2010
Hello all - Can someone please answer what is role and responsiblity of a Director position? Is daily classes room activity planning is part of director's job??? please advise.
DBug 03:30 PM 01-14-2010
At the daycare center I worked at, the director wasn't responsible for daily lesson planning -- the teachers got to do that. The director was the one who interviewed with parents, did all the registration & administrative stuff, scheduling & menus, did training for us, collected payments, and dealt with parents if there were any issues. She did function as a substitute when we were stuck, but I don't think that was the best arrangement by any means. She had her own work to do and didn't really have the time to do someone else's job too. Basically she was the boss, manager, supervisor and secretary, all in one.

I don't know if that's typical across the board, but that's alot of what she did at our center.
originalkat 04:51 PM 01-14-2010
DBug is right. The Director is in charge of all the Admin stuff and all the other stuff she listed. My job included looking over all the teachers lesson plans each week and make sure they were posted for parents etc...but the teachers planned their lessons.
Unregistered 08:46 PM 01-17-2010
Thank you for your information. Very appreciated.
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