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sahm2three 08:01 AM 05-04-2010
I have a 3 yo dcb who was constantly telling me that so and so hit him and the other child would say they didn't, but I don't tolerate hitting so I would put the offender in time out. Well, I decided to spy on them, and found that he was TOTALLY making it up! He figured out that if he told on a child for hitting, they would get in trouble. What on earth do I do about that?! My own kids didn't learn to lie that early, lol. Any ideas?
booroo 08:19 AM 05-04-2010
I would so want to hear the answer to this.

I of course dont do tattle telling, so if I do see, then I do punish for it. We have a 5 year old dkb, and he is terrible about lying and tattling, so I have started making him talk to the big EAR on the wall ( thanks for that idea whoever you are), and I dont punish if I didnt see it. Most of the time Iam in eye view and see everything.
sahm2three 08:20 AM 05-04-2010
Oh yes I have a big ear on the wall too, but the kids won't use it! LOL! The majority of our toys and play things are downstairs so I am not always in eye level, I do have a baby monitor down there so if I am not there I can hear everything. Which is enlightening! LOL!
DBug 09:51 AM 05-04-2010
If I don't see it, I don't punish anyone. If someone says someone else hit them, I tell them "I didn't see it happen, so I can't make the call. But we all know (in a louder voice, so that all the kids can hear) that hitting is not acceptable!"

My boys figured out the whole lying thing at a very young age, so I guess I've learned from experience Luckily, they got past it quickly. Hopefully this little guy will too!
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