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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Providers, Do You Have A No Drop Off/Pick Up During Nap Time Policy?
Daycare_Mama 12:59 PM 10-29-2010
I had someone inquire about part-time afternoon care where drop off would be in the middle of nap time. I would obviously do part-time care, but I hadn't thought about the dropping off during nap time scenario, since the kids I have now are here all day and take an afternoon nap. This inquiry is for a 1.5 year old who, in theory, should still take an afternoon nap. My nap time is from 1-3 and they want to drop off at 2pm.

So this got me wondering if it makes sense to have a no drop off/pick-up during nap time policy (unless in an emergency or child is sick situation).

I would charge for a half day rate..meaning they pay for a slot from 12-5. Is it rude though to say, even though you don't need childcare til 2pm, you can't drop off during nap time, so the child needs to be dropped off by 1pm.. only to go straight down for a nap. ??

I don't know the best way to go about this situation.. I would be fine with a preschooler who doesn't nap getting dropped off during nap time, because they could entertain themselves with quiet activities, but I can't guarantee that a 1.5 year old will just play quietly for that hour every day when the other kids his age are still sleeping. But to have him get dropped off every day during nap time and go lay him down in the nap room will likely wake my other two up. What do you guys do?

Thanks for reading and responding!
Blackcat31 01:15 PM 10-29-2010
I have it in my handbook that there will be NO pick ups or drop offs between 11 and 2. If it is an emergency or something that can't be helped, I totally work with the parent but otherwise, I do not allow it. It is just to disrupting for all.
DCMomOf3 01:19 PM 10-29-2010
I allow pick-ups and drop off's during naps. My provision is the parents stay at the door so I can quietly bring the child in/out of my daycare area. Dropping off at 2 I would have the child either lay in a private room if at all possible.
Blackcat31 01:21 PM 10-29-2010
Originally Posted by Quincy:
I allow pick-ups and drop off's during naps. My provision is the parents stay at the door so I can quietly bring the child in/out of my daycare area. Dropping off at 2 I would have the child either lay in a private room if at all possible.
I wish I could do that and not have to be so strict but I don't think any of my kids came with volume knobs so it never seems to go over well.
AmandasFCC 01:30 PM 10-29-2010
I would suggest a schedule to allow the child to adjust, that would maybe allow longer hours for the same rate.

For example:

Week 1: child come from 11-5 for the same 12-5 pay. The child is 1.5, so will probably be scared and upset. Coming at 11 will allow the child time to calm down before lunch and hopefully settle to sleep at the appropriate time.

Week 2: start coming at 12, have lunch and then go down for nap with the group.

I don't think I would ever allow a 2pm drop off because that's literally RIGHT in the middle of your nap time. If the kids are going to be disturbed by noise, they'll wake up at that hour and have not had enough sleep yet.

I certainly wouldn't want to suggest the parents spend any less time with their child than necessary, but at the same time, this is GROUP care and that would be very disruptive to the GROUP. We can't allow the needs of one to outweight the needs of ALL.
busymomof2 01:54 PM 10-29-2010
I have it in my contract that not only do I not allow pick up or drop off during nap time (1-3) I also do not pick up the phone. I don't know about you but getting the kids to nap especially an infant is hard work. Plus naptime is MY break. If is is an emergency I allow the parents to call me on my cell...which is always on vibrate. Have not had a problem.
SilverSabre25 04:34 PM 10-29-2010
I've been having this problem with one family. They were blatantly ignoring my request to not nap DCG in the AM so that she would nap with the rest of the kids at 1 PM when she got here. DCM refused because "I don't think DCG will be happy to get to a new place and see new people and transition right to a nap". I call BS on this because she'll adapt like all kids do, but I'm sick of this family anyway and will be rid of them by the end of the year.

In the future, I'm going to require from the start that all kids be dropped off either before 12:30 (lunchtime) or after 3 (the end of nap) and that they do NOT nap in the AM at home unless they take two naps.
momma2girls 05:29 PM 10-29-2010
I placed this very same thing in my contract about a year ago, after one mother would make all of her daughter's appts. during naptime. SO she would pick up around 2:00 and bring her back sometimes around 3:00- this got very old, then the other one started doing the same thing- No pick ups or drop offs during naptime- make all appt. before 1:00 or after 3:30- it has worked so far-
daysofelijah 05:49 PM 10-29-2010
No, but I try really hard not to have pick-up/drop-offs during naptime. I have a dcg who's gramma would pick her up a couple days a week at 2:00. It was fine when she was an infant because I nap infants in a separate room, and we all know infants don't always nap at naptime. But now that she is older and napping with the rest of the group I asked gramma to pick her up at 3:00 and that is working fine now. The only time it bites me back is on the days I only have that one dcg, then I end up waiting an extra hour to be done. But I'd rather have that than a middle of nap pick up a couple days every week.
ninosqueridos 07:11 PM 10-29-2010
Thankfully my dcks are "all day" kids. I would never agree to dropping off or picking up during naptime. It's bad enough that I have to say a prayer every morning that dcks and dcps are QUIET so my own kids don't wake up. I wouldn't want to deal with it during naptime. No way.
Lucy 06:01 PM 10-30-2010
Nap him from 2-4. Easy.
WImom 06:07 PM 10-30-2010
I don't allow drop off or pickups between 12:30-3:00. I can't risk my nappers all waking up.
marniewon 06:18 PM 10-30-2010
I'm sure it's in my handbook that there will be no drop-offs/pickups/visits during naptime, but I'll have to check. Friday, a mom called me at 2pm to tell me she'd be there in 5 minutes!! When I said oh....kay.....she says, oh, is he sleeping? DUH! So then she tells me that I don't need to wake him up, she'll just go in (to my bedroom, where there are other children trying to nap) and get him when she gets here. Um. No. I got him up and changed him and had him ready to go when she got here. Had she told me that morning that she was coming early, I could have napped him earlier, or in another room, or something! I would definitely not okay any interuptions during nap. Nap is sacred! lol
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