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Parents and Guardians Forum>Owner Keeping Secrets 09:12 PM 11-12-2010
I was reading someone's post on here bout the director being secretive. well I have had some of these experiences too. My daughter is bi racial, ok, she has been at this daycare since she was 6wks old. she just started kindergarden this year, so she went there for 5 yrs.. well I started working there 2 yrs ago and the director, I have heard, has made comments bout my child to her teacher, "Does she look black to you"? But she has not said anything to me like that and I wouldn't expect her too. but it is just the fact discussing my childs nationality with her teacher. so if she would have known she was part black, would she not have accepted her in there? there are things this lady does like she dont want none of the employees to talk to each other, like she is our warden and we will get in trouble if she catches us talking. does not want us to tell the parents if their child has been bad, better yet tell her and SHE will tell the parents. she came in 3 wks ago and fired a girl that was in the baby room "for no reason"!! this lady has worked for her for 12 yrs, and told her that "I was hoping you were going to quit so i wouldnt have to fire you! the teacher ask her why and she said just get your stuff and get out, no explanation or nothing. the teacher ask if she was going to pay her unemployment and the director said that didnt have nothing to do with her. she files for unemployment and they call her and ask what happen and she tells them. well the employment calls the dc and she tells them that that woman was taking her frustratations out on the kids!! just out and out lie on this lady,MY FRIEND! there have been no complaints on the teacher, all the parents loved her and now she is gone. I am the one that put on here yesterday bout the BLACK MOLD! NI am so ready to take her down for all the sly remarks and comments she has made now and in the past. and how she has treated all her employees differently. and she is one them types that "dont want to lose any kids" too. if she ever got the notion to fire me like she did my friend for no reason and then lie on me like that, she might look of the retirement age but it would be time for her to retire because I would make her life, what she has left of it, A LIVING HELL"!! SHE WOULD NOT HAVE HEARD THE LAST OF ME FOR A VERY LONG TIME AND I WOULD TAKE ALL THE PARENTS WITH ME. IF THEY KNEW WHAT I KNEW THAT PLACE WOULD BE EMPTY. IM JUST SAYING.
QualiTcare 09:39 AM 11-13-2010
she doesn't want you to tell the parents about the kids being "bad" because as you said - she doesn't want to lose any kids. she wants the parents to NEVER get a negative report so they think everything is sunshine and roses. you don't actually think that the director tells the parents when one of you lets her know about bad behavior?

i had a former boss like that. there was this kid that screamed ALL DAY LONG and made us want to rip our ears off. about 15 minutes before the parent (that had no job btw) was about to pick up - boss would come get the kid and take her in the office, carry her around, etc. so she'd be smiling when mom came. drove me nuts.

anyhow, the best advice i can give you about the place is to LOOK FOR ANOTHER JOB ASAP. it's not going to get better. daycare centers have high turnover because they treat people crappy and they pay crappy. that's the way it's always going to be. the sooner you leave, the happier you'll be.
Unregistered 10:12 PM 11-13-2010
Thank you for speaking out! It's teachers like you that give me hope that there are good daycare teachers out there. It doesn't surprise me that your director made comments like that. The directors I've spoken with ran their mouths to me freely! I've yet to run into a director that didn't gossip about teachers, parents, other daycares. I've always wondered why they said those terrible things. Way bad impression and we passed on those places. The part about the teachers not being able to tell parents and only the director would tell - I've experienced that. It's called unequal treatment - director controls what kids get into trouble and which don't regardless of who should be getting disciplined. In other words, director's friends don't get notified of bad stuff but those that aren't directors friends get bad reports.

Report the mold to licensing and also the health department immediately. The health dept can shut down the place immediately on the spot and they will. Be sure to get a hold of all baby's parents and have them file a claim or lawsuit for the respiratory problems their kids are having. I can bet that the illnesses and the water are directly linked to the likely mold they are going to find in those walls.

Your friend should file a lawsuit of defamation against the daycare as well as wrongful termination lawsuit. Upon firing, I believe employment laws in most states require that a reason be given to the employee, even if it is at will employment. There would be no good reason for the director to tell unemployment the reason and not the employee unless the employer planned on trying to fight the unemployment claim. The director knows that unemployment can deny based on "gross negligence" or "misconduct" on your job, so they are essentially fighting the claim by lying to the unemployment office. I'll bet that the teacher got fired for whistle blowing or something like that - just being a good teacher - some daycares don't like that. I can't imagine why the director wouldn't clean up the mold or have someone take care of it or why the parents didn't file a complaint when they could clearly smell the musty scent. Director might be using that teacher as a scape goat to make an example out of to scare the rest of you into secrecy. You already know that what you're doing is the right thing.
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